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Big Bad Wolves

bbwboxWhen Quentin Tarantino calls a movie the best one he’s seen all year, you listen.  You listen closely, then go out and find the movie in question and watch it.  And that’s exactly what I did after I heard Tarantino’s praise for this Israelian thriller.

Big bad wolves is the story of a schoolteacher who’s accused of raping and murdering little girls.  There’s no evidence to link him to the crimes, but police are certain he’s the killer.  A grieving father joins forces with a rogue cop to capture and torture the teacher until he confesses.


Let’s state the obvious: mr. Tarantino was right.  This movie is great.  Nicely executed story, good acting, a lot of suspense and even some gore.  Right up my alley.  Some of the gorier moments even had me looking away.  Very girly of me, I know.  (I even had to ask my wife “Is it over?”)


And you know what the nicest thing about this movie is?  It isn’t about the story, or the acting, or anything like that.  It’s how it changed my view of Israel.  Before my view of Israel was based on horrible things I saw on the news.  Watching the movie, I came to realise the country is so much more than just that.  It also has a booming movie industry for example.


In short: follow Quentin’s advice and go watch this movie.  Be sure to have a spouse ready to tell you when the gorier parts are over though…


Transformers Prime: Orion Pax

I’ve never been a fan of Transformers.  Sure, I had two of them as a kid, but they were handed down from cousins and I had no idea how to transform them correctly.  I always ended up with a rubik’s kube instead of a car, or some kind of kitchen utensil instead of the intended helicopter.  Later I caught the Michael Bay movie and, while I didn’t really enjoy it, I can’t say I hated it either.  Let’s just say my  official stance on Transformers is: “indifferent“.

Skip forward to today.  A package arrives containing a DVD to review.  Lo and behold, it is volume one of the second season of Transformers Prime.  Seven episodes of Transformers, two hours and thirtyfour minutes worth of robot-cartoons, the box even contains a free pack of trading cards!  Hmm…  Indifference level slightly reducing.


The season starts off with a three part story that resolves what I assume was a cliffhanging ending of the first season: Optimus Primes lost his memory and joins the Decepticons.  Interesting concept.  However, because I didn’t catch the first season, I’m kinda in the dark.  The brief recap at the start of the episode doesn’t help at all, it only confuses me further.  Yet I stubbornly decide to keep watching.


Besides the threeparter, the DVD contains four more episodes. I watch each of them, and… keep being indifferent about the whole Transformer thing. The cartoon is nicely done, don’t get me wrong, top notch writing as well, but the whole franchise fails to capture my imagination. Something about awesome robots, whose main feature is to transform into mundane everyday things, fails to fascinate me. As a result, the plight of the Autobots is not one I feel sympathy for.


Sorry Transformers, I’m sure you’re great and all, but indifference still wins me over.