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Brand new bomber jacket

Winter is coming.  And I mean it.  That wasn’t a reference to that Thrones-show.  It really is coming.  Snow, sleet, coldness, ice, rain…  And here I am without a decent jacket.  About fifty percent of my clothes are tshirts.  The other fifty percent is a mix of socks, underpants and pants.  Seriously.

Until now.  The good people from Musterbrand have just launched a line of clothing based on Starcraft.  Among the tshirts, bags and jackets was this glorious grey bomber jacket.  I’ve always had a soft spot for bomber jackets, but I’ve never owned one.  Imagine my joy when the Musterbrand people decided to send one over for review!

Nice little logo.

Nice little logo.

The jacket looks really cool.  A soft grey on the outside and a really vibrant blue on the inside.  And when I say really vibrant, I mean it.  Wearing the jacket with the zipper down causes my skin to glow with a blue hue.  That’s how bright and shiny the inside is.  I bet, if worn inside out, I can use it as a safety vest next time I’m parked besides the road at night.



But aside from that vibrant blue, I’m really liking this jacket.  It fits really nice, and it’s really warm.  It’ll be perfect for winter.  I’ll be warm and as a bonus I’ll look really cool.

This is how cool I'll look this winter! (disclaimer: editor will look nowhere near as cool as this)

This is how cool I’ll look this winter! (disclaimer: editor will look nowhere near as cool as this)

Or really blue, depending on wether I leave the zipper up or down.

Musterbrand also have lines based on other game franchises like Portal and Assassin’s Creed.  You should go and check them out for a bit of that gamer chic!

F.A.C.T.S. – The Legend

Yes, the legend is true.  The rumours you’ve heard are all based on fact:

I visited one of the biggest scifi conventions this weekend, and bought next to nothing.

Shocking, I know.  I visit FACTS yearly, and every time I come prepared with an expenditure limit.  Because without one, I’d buy myself silly.  There’s so much Star Wars stuff around, and being a Star Wars collector (or should I say hoarder?) I have to make choices.  Works every year.  I’m happy, my wife is happy and the bankpeople are happy that the mortgage continues getting paid on a regular basis.

This year I dove into the throng of cosplayers and sweaty geeks/nerds/dorks with just a few set goals:

-Get something from the new Star Wars Rebels, other than Lego or those huge action figures.
-Find some nice vintage Star Wars pieces.  Either stuff I don’t have yet, or things that I don’t own in the original packaging yet.
-Get some low priced quirky stuff.  Like that single use shrunk Darth Vader washcloth I got last year.
-Get more X-Wing Miniatures.

Pretty reasonable, no?  Hopes on high, I set off.

Two days later, I return home, having failed miserably.

-No Rebels merch in sight.  Well except for, you’ve guessed it, the large figures and Lego sets.  I did get a free polaroid taken with a friend, which we then got framed in a free promotional Rebels flyer.  I guess that counts towards my goals?
-No vintage Star Wars.  What was there was either way out of my price range (and by way out of I mean lightyears away.  I actually felt my wallet cringe…) or in rough shape.
-No quirky stuff.  At least, no CHEAP quirky stuff.
-I did find a booth selling X-Wing minis.  I bought the HWK-290 and debated to get the Imperial shuttle.  When I finally made up my mind, the shuttle was sold out…

And that’s it!

The "meager" loot

The “meager” loot

Well…  That’s it for goal-related stuff anyway…  I got the “Star Wars Year By Year” book as well, and a whole lot of comics.  I tried getting a peek at Carrie Fisher, but she was hidden from view.  Apparently her stall was built with a wall inside it, obscuring her from view.  To discourage anyone from taking free pictures I presume, although the hired muscle security person/grunt was already doing a great job.

Reading this, you might think I did not have a great time, but you’d be wrong.  I had a blast!  And who cares about failing my set goals?

There’s always the Dutch Comic Con and the Antwerp Convention.  I’ll reach my goals yet!


I am the keymaster

There I was, walking in the store, doing some shopping.  Loading my little trolley with things I like.  Generally minding my own business, when out of nowhere this can of soda comes rolling up to me.


“Are you a god?” it asked.

I didn’t answer.  I just picked it up and paid for it at checkout.

It’ll look great when I use it as an enemy in my Ghostbuster roleplaying campaigns…

gozer mini