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Gumball8[1]_8268_Seems like I’m late to the party again.  While the rest of the world has been enjoying Gumball for a couple of seasons already, I just watched my first two episodes.

And I enjoyed them massively.  Even though they we’re dubbed in Dutch.  Dutch dubbing: the bane of every cartoonloving manchild in the Benelux.  It always baffles me why Dutch voiceacting for cartoons must be hyperactive/highpitched/and incredibly awful.  If you know why, please write in.  Enlighten me.

Voiceacting aside, I can say this is a gem.  I loved the humour, the all too normal weirdness of the show.  Gumballs parents are a cat and a rabbit and his adopted brother is a goldfish with legs and among his friends is a talking banana.  And noone seems to think anything of it.  Not even when Bananaboy’s mom is squashed and peeled repeatedly in one episode.  I loved it!


And I really dug the style as well.  Nicely drawn characters mixed with animated characters put in drawn and photographic backgrounds?  The originality of that alone puts it down as a win in my book!


I can go on and on, and elaborate even more on how nice and funny this is, but I need to tune in to Cartoon Network and get me my Gumball fix.  Come join me, why don’t you?


Batman VS Robin

BatmanvsRobinIt’s been long coming…  Well, technically not that long.  Since the ending of Son of Batman really.  And before that it had already happened in the comics.

But anyway: It’s been long coming.  Tensions between Damian Wayne and his dad have been riding high and they finally explode in this new animated feature from Warner!

While Batman and headstrong (dare I say bratty) Robin are investigating a crimespree by the Dollmaker (a briljant Weird Al Yankovic!), they come across the path of the Court of Owls and their enforcer Talon.  Robin is taken by their “no mercy” policy towards crime and slowly drifts away from the Batman, right into the arms of Talon.

A briljant storyline.  Flawless animation.  Be still my fanboyheart!  I enjoyed watching every bit of Batman vs Robin.  But there were some…  Hiccups.  Not big things mind you, but the observant reader already knows I’m a pedantic stick in the mud, so I’ll go right ahead and throw them out there.


The voiceacting.  It’s briljant, don’t get me wrong.  But I miss Kevin Conroy’s Batman.  His deep rasping voice in contrast to this Batman, who sounds like he has a nast head cold.  Nicely acted, not a timbre I’m fond of though.  And the same goes for Damian.  Nicely acted, a bit too… pubescent maybe?  I don’t know, I’m nitpicking here…


And that’s it.  Really.  I couldn’t find anything else wrong with this one.  Loved it to bits, and any Batman fan will too.  I highly suggest picking this one up!