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Happy Valley

hvcoverI generally don’t like cop shows.  I really don’t.  Something about them just seems too unreal.  I mean, how many detectives get that many murder cases to solve?  One every week, and they solve every single one of them to boot!

Nah, they’re not my cup of tea.

Sure, I’ll make the odd exception.  True Detective, for one and…  erm…  Yeah, apparently that’s it.  Until recently, when the excellent six parter Happy Valley dropped onto my desk.

Catherine Cawood is police sergeant, struggling to cope with the loss of her daughter.  The girl, a victim of rape, gave birth to a son whom is now raised by Catherine and her sister.  Problems with the kid and her ex-husband are mixed in with the troublesome job of policing a town that is overrun by drugs and crime.  And to top it all off, the rapist of Catherine’s daughter is about to be released from prison.



At the same time we are introduced to Kevin Weatherill.  Kevin is a grey accountant in Nevison Gallagher’s firm, who, after being denied a raise by Nevison, enlists the help of a few ne’erdowells to kidnap Nevison’s daughter for ransom.  Things escalate quickly and soon Catherine finds herself on the case.

I can’t recommend this enough.  Acting is top notch.  Writing is great (although that last episode seems a bit of a stretch to meet the 6 episode mark).  I couldn’t shake a fargoesque feeling in the scenes between Kevin and the kidnappers.  Everything just felt…  Right.

At last another cop show I can get behind!



intruders_bluray_2dI’ve just watched the first episode of Intruders.  And I’m hungry for more now.  I’ve been thrown mystery after mystery, until a pile of them was built up so high, there was an actual cliff.  And as expected, the episode ended with one hell of a cliffhanger to…  well…  hang from that eh..  cliff.  (What did I tell you about lazy writing! –ed.)


The premise is as intricate as it is simple.  Apparently, there is a small group of people that can bring dead people back into the bodies of living people.  As the show starts we witness two guys do this very thing to a young girl, who then kills herself.  One of the same two guys also brings back a dude called Marcus into the body of a nine year-old girl.  The girl subsequently starts suffering from multiple personality disorder and does some really messed-up things, before finally running away from home.  Throughout the show, we also get introduced to ex-cop Jack and his wife Amy.  They seem happily married, but Amy is acting weird lately.  Speaking in Russian, dancing to jazz (although she seems to dislike jazz)…


Like I said, many, many mysteries, and no payoff whatsoever.  I’m excited!  Let’s bingewatch episodes 2-8 and I’ll report back in some hours.



(blank space to instill the idea some hours have actually passed)



Well, episodes two to eight are under the belt.  And I’m satisfied.  Not overly excited happy, like after watching Breaking Bad’s finale, and not terribly disappointed like during the Lost-fiasco.  Just satisfied.  Most of the plot got resolved, while leaving some things open-ended for a possible second season.  I liked the idea of the secret cult that lets people live forever, but I think more could’ve been done with it.  The thing I really like was the nine year-old.  That kid creeped the hell out of me!  I’ve never seen a kid act that convincingly like there was an old pervert inside of it. Millie Bobby Brown.  Remember that name people, I’m sure we’ll hear of her in the future.


So in conclusion, would I recommend this show?  Yes.  Yes I would.  Go forth and watch it, or read the novel by M. M. Smith it is based on.  You won’t be disappointed.  Not until you learn that BBC cancelled the second season…