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Star Wars Multi-Cereal cookies


Yes, today’s Tusken Tuesday will again be food-related.  I love eating, it’s in my genes, I’m sorry!

Garrtogg the Gamorrean decides wether to steal my cookie or not.

Garrtogg the Gamorrean decides wether to steal my cookie or not.

Actually, I’m not sorry.  ‘cause once you try these cookies, you’ll know what I’m talking about.  They’re so delicious…  And carry pretty Star Wars graphics to boot!  Chocolate and Star Wars: it’s everything my digestive tract has been asking for!

Anakin and 4-LOM demonstrate how a cookie crumbles.

Anakin and 4-LOM demonstrate how a cookie crumbles.

I mean look at them!  There X-wings and TIE’s on them!  And they taste really good!  I cannot stress my excitement enough!  Have some extra exclamation marks to see how excited I am: !!!!!!!


Star Wars cookies: the best Star Wars food on this blog to date!

(note to self: no more writing posts while high on sugar.)


We Bare Bears

wbbYou guys!  I just watched a new cartoon, and it’s awesome!

I am, of course, talking about We Bare Bears.  The internet comic turned cartoon by Daniel Chong.  It’s all about three brothers living together in a cave and trying their best to blend in with humans.  Did I mention they’re bears?  You’ve got Grizzly, the de facto leader, who’s got a carefree personality.  Then there’s the ever-cool Ice and the anxious Panda.  I know this sound like a recipe for a bad 80’s sitcom, but bear with me (pun very much intended).


I was shown the pilot.  In it, Panda’s trying to recover from a breakup with his internet girlfriend.  Panda and Ice try to cheer him up by taking him out for cake.  In the end, the brothers end up crashing a child’s birthday bash.  They are eventually found out by the kids and a fight breaks out.  In the end, kids and bears reconcile and the bears have a great time together.
I just made it sound even more clichéd, didn’t I?


Look, you’re just gonna have to trust me on this: We Bare Bears is awesome.  It’s on Cartoon Network and you should watch it.