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The Force has set its alarm!

Well, this is it.  I’m ready.

It’s tuesday evening, the 15th of December and I’m prepared for The Force Awakens.

Tickets for the 9:45 am showing: check.

Proper attire:



Inability to sleep: check and double check.

I’m so riled up and ready to go, I can’t even sleep!

I guess I’ll just have to re-watch episodes 1 to 6 instead of sleeping then.



A very Star Wars advent

Wahey! It’s December! Finally! It’s the season to be jolly and, coincidentally, also the last few days to count down to Star Wars The Force Awakens!  And what better way to do both things at the same then an advent calendar?  I give you: the Star Wars advent calendar:


Ain’t it neat? 25 little doors, waiting to be opened!

Behind each little door, a chocolate Star Wars character awaits.


They’re very well sculpted, and the chocolate is actually quite tasty!

I’ll have gained a pound by the premiere, and another pound just in time for Christmas.  Here’s to Star Wars themed holidays! (Now pass me the blue Rancor-egg nog, please.)


The Gallows

the-gallows-blu-ray-cover-49“That’s it?”
“So the girl is…”
“And that woman?”
“Wow.  I kind of expected more.”

Behold, the very words spoken between me and the wife after watching The Gallows. And they’re oh so true.  We went in, expecting a lot. We’re both suckers for found footage films, and we both love scary movies.  So when a movie promises found footage of kids getting stuck in a school after dark, being pestered by a ghost of a former student, we’re suckered into watching it.

Turns out, we shouldn’t have bothered.

In The Gallows, we follow a group of high school friends that get locked in the school at night.  The ghost of a student that died during a previous production of the schoolplay “Gallows” pesters them all night long…


While the acting is ok, and the special effects are also quite good, it’s the writing that gets to us. Granted, we didn’t expect Shakespeare, it is after all “just” a horror flick, but we craved characters with more depth. What we got was simple stereotypes, that never rise above their single trait.

The blond bimbo keeps on bimboeing.  The jock continues to be an insufferable bore, and the nerdy drama-enthousiast continues being nerdy and dramatic.  Only one guy actually manages to show a bit of character development, and when he does, you’ll wish he didn’t.  He goes from wanting to participate in the schoolplay badly to impress a girl to “oh, wouldn’t it be fun to trash the stage and props, just for kicks” all in a matter of seconds.


But hey, we’re horror fans, so we sit and wait patiently for the scares. Which, as it turns out, only start halfway through the movie and aren’t really that scary at all. There’s an apparition seen from afar. Some scary footsteps on a creaky wooden floor and a locker that opens and closes by itself. We were underwhelmed to say the least.


Some extras are included on the bluray, like trailers and a gag reel is actually just a compilation of the actors joking around on set. Not very exciting, and it’ll leave you feeling like you’re not in on the joke the entire time. Also included is a different version of the movie. Which is nearly identical to the feature film only with another actress playing the part of blonde bimbo. We could watch it, but why would we?

Do yourself a favor, and skip this one. There’s better scary stuff out there.


Store display galore!

I’ve been fascinated with store displays, promotional flyers and posters and whatnots since the beginning of my collecting days.  My entire collection is littered with stand-ups of Star Wars characters promoting everything from DVD’s to fizzy drinks and potato crisps.  I’m constantly on the hunt for stuff like this, pestering store employees over and over again, sometimes even going as far as dumpster diving.

And then yesterday happened.  I got a call from a local toystore.  I’m a regular there, and, per tradition, I’ve been bugging the employees for all the Star Wars promo displays.  All the time.  Sometimes with minor success: a small banner here, a badly torn sticker there.  But never before did they call me.  They had some Star Wars stuff, they said.  Would I be interested, they asked.  Where’s my van, they inquired.

(Whenever a van is mentioned, you know the haul is gonna be good…)

Behold: said haul!

IMG_20151204_193507IMG_20151204_191047IMG_20151204_193347 IMG_20151204_193426















A giant BB-8 shelf topper!  Two nice Lego displays!  A First Order Stormtrooper!  I can fit a lot of Lego boxes in them, so that should help with freeing up some space in my shelves.

The only question is where the frick am I going to put these?  I need shelves for my shelves…