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UnEpic (PS4)

unepiccoverHooray! Another indie-gem drops on my PS4!

In UnEpic I get to join Daniel on a quest. During a nice night of D&D with friends, he’s suddenly transported into his own RPG. Daniel encounters all of the D&D stereotypes and even gets possessed (albeit only half) by an evil doom-talking spirit.

Just as the title says, UnEpic is… well… unepic. The main character does not wear armor made of dragonscales, doesn’t speak Elvish and can’t fight like Conan. He’s your average nerd, who’s slowly discovering that the new environment he’s currently  in, is not just fantasy.


RPG’s always tickle my fancy. There’s just something about them that appeals to me. Crawling through dark dungeons, collecting loot and XP, the urge to level up. Just lovely.  Except: most RPG’s don’t stay fresh for long. After the umpteenth quest from a “mysterious stranger”, I usually give up. Not so with UnEpic. I just keep on playing, because I can relate to Daniel. He’s a nerd, same as me, I enjoy the occasional bout of D&D, just like him. Heck, I could be the lead character here!


I also enjoy platforming, something UnEpic manages brilliantly to fuse with RPGing. Daniel runs and jumps around like a well known plumber and fighting happens with the simplest touch of buttons. Na complicated “to hit” rolls here, no static fighting. Just straight-on action. Yet another strong point.


I could compare UnEpic to those Castlevania’s for DS. The main character also plays as if it were from an action game, but the leveling and the inventory are straight from an RPG. Daniel even quips one oneliner after another, poking fun at other franchises. And yes, Castlevania is among the many references to other games throughout UnEpic.

I can’t stress enough how much I enjoyed UnEpic. It’s available right now, so I suggest you buy it and get dungeoncrawling! Go! Moveth thine behindeth!


Justice League vs Teen Titans

Justice_League_vs._Teen_TitansHooray! Another Batman animated feature!

Although technically…  It really isn’t.  Justice League vs Teen Titans is (how did you guess) a Justice League story.

Although technically… It really isn’t.  The feature follows the Teen Titans closely, with the Justice League more in a support role.  So it’s most definitely  Teen Titans story.

Although technically… It really isn’t.  This is more of a Robin story.

Since Batman is having a bit of a problem with Damian Wayne knowing his place, the new Robin is sent to the Teen Titans HQ.  There he’ll learn the value of being part of a team, something the bratty little bird doesn’t appreciate yet. Under the leadership of Starfire, he starts training with fellow teens Blue Beetle, Beastboy and Raven.


Meanwhile, Trigon (DC’s Satan) escapes his prison in hell and is coming for his daughter Raven. Demonic entities posess half of the Justice league and incapacitate Batman, leaving only Cyborg ready to aid the Titans in battling the forces of Hell.

Well…  This is a strange one.  I really liked the art, and the voice acting.  Both are top notch, something we’ve come to expect from Warners Bros animated features. But storywise…  Let’s just say I’m not a fan of superheroes and the supernatural and the occult mixing.


I mean Superman possessed by a demon? Just like that? He didn’t even put up a fight. And apparently possessed superheroes are defeated even more easily in combat.  And that whole showdown in hell?  Apparently hell only has like twenty demons living in it, all of them patiently waiting in line to attack one by one.


So yes, it’s safe to say I’m not a big fan of the plot.  I did however like the overall writing.  Characters were fleshed out nicely, there were a lot of winks to DC lore and throwbacks to the Superfriends show of the seventies. Here’s to hoping that there’ll be more Teen Titans animated features in the future. Features with a little less of the occult mixed in.