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The Last Ship Season 2

coverSome of you might remember me being ecstatic about the first season of The Last Ship. I was taken by the shows incredible cliffhanger-esque writing and at the same time man-crushing hard on Eric Dane. After the first season, I longed for more.  I wanted the second season to start more than anything else. And then, something weird happened.

Gradually, the excitedness started to wane. Then, fear took over. What if season one was the show’s peak? What if all the best bits and storylines were all used up already? Would season two have enough drama and plot left, or would it be a poor carbon copy of season one? And then, even fear went away, taking along my interest with it.  The Last Ship dropped off my radar. But not for long. Sonar quickly picked up the season 2 boxset’s ping again. I eagerly popped in the blurays and started watching.


And after bingewatching all thirteen episodes ridiculously fast, I can tell you right now that all of my fears were completely unjustified. Season two knocks it right out of the park! Sure, the crew of the USS Nathan James may have the cure, but this time they’re facing a new enemy. A submarine-toting cult of immunes, who just want to spread the plague so that their master race can take over the world. Suspense, drama and ample plotlines: check!


All of series one’s cast makes a return, and a few newcomers join the crew. Captain Tom Chandler’s jaw looks more chiseled than ever (swoon!) and the action just explodes off the screen. Who knew naval warfare could be so tense and action-packed?


I cannot recommend The Last Ship enough. Solid writing, great acting, epic story… This one deserves a place right there next to all the great quality series of today. And I can’t wait for Season three because, you’ve guessed it, season two ends with the mother of all cliffhangers.

Damn you writers, yet again!