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Aragami: Shadow Edition

aragcovFrom somewhere in the shadows, Aragami Shadow Edition lands on our desk. Because the game immediately threatens to do some damage with its katana lest we do a hasty review, I ram it into a Switch and start playing.

In Aragami, players take on the mantle of its titular hero. Aragami is a recently murdered ninja, come back to life, sporting some cool new shadowpowers. Apparantly, he was raised by Yamiko, a girl captured by the light-wielding Kaiho-clan. Yamiko urges Aragami to defeat the Kaiho, free her and in the process, learn more about his own murder.

The game focuses on stealth. I try to defeat my enemies as silently as possible and to reach the exit unseen. When that fails, I can still rely on brute strength and hack and slash my way through enemies. Coupled with some platforming action, this should provide a good solid base for a fun game.


From the get-go, Aragami might seem a bit easy. My trusty ninja controls one shadowpower: a leap from shadow to shadow. But the further I advance, the more tricks appear in my sleeve with which I can beat enemies or overcome those pesky platformer parts.


Aragami is entirely in third person, which means player watch from over the shoulder of the ninja. The game lacks an option to, even briefly, use first-person, which makes it hard sometimes to correctly aim a leap. Jumping to a platform above proves even harder, and simply jumping up and down is far beyond Aragami’s skills. Isn’t jumping the first lesson of Ninja 101?

The AI is also comically slow. When they have greater numbers, there is a bit of a challenge involved. But single enemies? Laughable. In the time it takes them to notice me and draw their katana, I’ve already rendered them in half. Five times over.


Despite these shortcomings and its relatively short campaign, Aragami still is an enjoyable game. Worth the buy for the art alone!