About the site:
NerdTimesGeek, the site where nerdy and geeky stuff gets a writeup.  We review basically anything that tickles our interests, and those interest are broad.  From mutated turtles in their teens that are training to be nijnas, to muscly masters of the universe, from Wars in the Stars to robots that serve the law.  From Oscar-nominated movies to straight-to-video crapfests.  From videogames to boardgames and everything in between.  Vintage to modern, comics to books, trading cards to stickers, breakfast cereals to TVdinners…

Well, you get the idea.

About the author:
A self-proclaimed nerd and geek, Jan has an undying love for the Star Wars saga.  Part of the house has been claimed for his ever growing collection.  Yes, he even loves the prequels, including Jar Jar.  Some of his friends even claim he has a shrine devoted to George Lucas in his attic…

But the nerdiness doesn’t stop there.  He occasionaly (all the time) drives friends, family, spouse and pets crazy with his obsession for games, scifi, bad movies, horror, vintage toys, the correct use of grammar and spelling, novelty snack items, useless trivia, trading cards, books, comics,…

He lives with his long-time geekgirl SoulDoubt, son Niel and pet cats Her Majesty Dame Lemmy Von Motörhead and Sir Philty McFluffticles, esq. (MIA) in an armpit of Europe called Belgium.

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