Adventure Time strikes again!

advtimeYay! A new season of adventure time is being aired on Cartoon Network. I just caught a new episode called “The Mountain” and frankly…

I have no idea what I just watched.

Jake and Finn spot the earl of Lemongrab entering the Mountain of Matthew, and Finn decides to follow.  Inside, Lemongrab goes through an existential crisis, I guess? There’s a lot of metaphors and discovering of the self. Stuff psychiatrists really dig.  Also, the earl destroys Matthew with three lemonflavoured candies, proving Matthew was just a combination of different people, absorbed into one single hivemind.
Yeah, I know.


Complicated as it may be, it sure is fun to watch.  I cannot stress enough how wonderfully weird it all is.  Sure, there is the feeling you’re watching a dream written by David Lynch, but it feels so…  Right?  I dunno.  Something about Adventure Time just tickles my funny bone, no matter how weird or incomprehensible it seems.


Seriously, if you haven’t checked this cartoon out already, take some time and go do it now! Just don’t operate any heavy machinery or motorized vehicles afterwards…


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