When asked who my favorite superhero is, I’ll be pained to give a final answer. I’ll go from Batman, to Spiderman, include Deadpool along the way, rhetorically ask if He-Man and the Ninja Turtles are counted as superheroes, slightly touch upon Hellboy and even consider Scott Pilgrim.
But Aquaman would be the very last one I’d consider.
Shoot, I’d probably even forget about him.
There’s just something about being able to communicate with fish that just doesn’t strike me as… superhero-y enough.

Nevertheless, I dove headfirst (hah! See what I did there?) into the Aquaman movie. Maybe Jason Momoa and director James Wan will be able to change my mind. And if things do go south I can still spend the over 2 hours runtime ogling Amber Heard, co-starring as Mera.


In this latest installment of the DC cinematic universe, we get to follow Arthur Curry. We see how his parents met, how his mother is forced to abandon him, how the boy grows and gets trained by Vulko and eventually becomes a giant tattooed bad-ass. It’s a cool little take on the origins of Aquaman, which I’ve enjoyed watching.


The movie doesn’t stop there though. The main plotline revolves around Arthur having to locate the Trident of Atlantis’ first King, so he can reclaim the throne from his half-brother Orm, who is on the brink of war with the surface. It leads Arthur and Mera on an Indiana Jones-esque adventure around the globe (mostly underwater) trying to find the lost artefact. Throw in Black Manta carrying a grudge and blaming Aquaman for his father’s death, and you’ve got one heck of a thrillride.

So did I like it?
I actually did! I’m loving Jason Momoa as a more rugged version of Aquaman. The fightscenes are incredible, the special effects top-notch and the plot not as far-fetched as it seems.

I do have some minor gripes though…

While I dug the whole concept of underwater kingdoms battling each other, I think the whole reason this movie works is because just because of that.  The majority of the action takes place underwater. Have the Antlanteans actually stage a war against the surface, and I think a line gets crossed.


I have nothing against Nicole Kidman, far from it, but casting her as Aquaman’s mother? Kidman really seems out of place here and her acting shows for it.

But, the bottom line to remember here is…
I enjoyed Aquaman.
This particular movie.
I still don’t get his use in the comics though. Probably because Amber Heard isn’t tagging along there.


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