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Star Wars Multi-Cereal cookies


Yes, today’s Tusken Tuesday will again be food-related.  I love eating, it’s in my genes, I’m sorry!

Garrtogg the Gamorrean decides wether to steal my cookie or not.

Garrtogg the Gamorrean decides wether to steal my cookie or not.

Actually, I’m not sorry.  ‘cause once you try these cookies, you’ll know what I’m talking about.  They’re so delicious…  And carry pretty Star Wars graphics to boot!  Chocolate and Star Wars: it’s everything my digestive tract has been asking for!

Anakin and 4-LOM demonstrate how a cookie crumbles.

Anakin and 4-LOM demonstrate how a cookie crumbles.

I mean look at them!  There X-wings and TIE’s on them!  And they taste really good!  I cannot stress my excitement enough!  Have some extra exclamation marks to see how excited I am: !!!!!!!


Star Wars cookies: the best Star Wars food on this blog to date!

(note to self: no more writing posts while high on sugar.)


Star Wars photo-op!

Remember when I talked at length about that Star Wars promo thing going on at Carrefour supermarkets?

Well, it’s still going strong, and I stopped by last week for one of their in-store events. The site advertised that Star Wars characters would be on point for photo-ops.

As I rolled into the parking lot, I immediately noticed a truck with familiar characters.


The Disney promoteam is here! This is bound to be good.

Once inside, I was greeted by this sight.


A slightly oversized stormtrooper statue, surrounded by technical equipment. Apparently, I was a bit early. The team was still setting up shop and told me to return in 15 minutes. So what did I do? Like a good boy, I idled around. I admired the promo team’s attire: Star wars caps, coats, hoodies and shirts. I could tell they started getting creeped out by the giant manchild ogling their clothing. So I took my idling to a different spot. Since the photobooth was located behind the registers, I could check which customers bought Star Wars stuff. So I did just that. Which soon started getting me weird looks from the cashiers, which in turn caught the attention of security. So again, I took my idling elsewhere.


Luckily, there was a Rebels banner set up as well. Closer inspection revealed it held free posters, so I took one to help me pass the time.

Man, setting up a simple photobooth seemed to take up an eternity. I was running out of spots for idling. Luckily, an overstressed mom with three children appeared. All three kids wanted a photo, so I took a spot behind them. Thus forming a line and eliminating all weird stares.

When all three anklebiters had their photo taken, it was my turn. I was handed a lightsaber, someone threw a brown cape over my head and snapped away. I was then ushered towards two giant piles of papers, which turned out to be consent forms that I needed to sign, and someone promised me the photo would appear on Facebook the day after.

And that was it.


I look like a dork.


Star Wars Topps


It’s thursday and I forgot about Tusken Tuesday! So you can consider this an official Tarkin Thursday.

And boy, am I excited for this one: trading cards!


Yes, I know. To you, dear reader, trading cards don’t seem all that special. To me however… Well let’s just say I’m excited. I’ve been collecting Star Wars since I first found the Making Of book in my dad’s library when I was very young (that’s a story for another time). Before that, I was already into collecting. I collected stamps and stickers, a bug I caught from my mom.


I fondly recall going to the store and getting packets of stickers, then running home and sticking them into the album. I collected everything from WWF to GI JOE, M.A.S.K., Masters of the universe and Young Indiana Jones. I swiftly moved over to trading cards, but, the curse of being based in Belgium hit again. Trading cards are not popular over here, and you have to get them from specialized stores.

And then, yesterday happened. I went to buy a paper, and lo and behold: on the counter sat a box of Star Wars Topps Trading Cards. I grabbed a handful and checked out.


Oh the joy of opening these.  They have a kind of retro look and feel to them. They tell the story of the Star Wars saga in pictures. Bonus The Force Awakens cards are inserted (I got Kylo Ren!). And there are special foil cards! And that smell…  God, that smell.  If they ever market “trading card printing ink” as a cologne, I’m buying it.

So here I am. Thought to have been cured of the sticker/card-collecting bug, and Disney throws me a curveball. Thanks again Mouse. Your merchandising antics are appreciated.


Star Wars takes over my local supermarket

Star Wars fan in the corners of Europe, rejoice! It seems that with Disney’s takeover of the franchise, we’re finally out of the dry spell. I was over the battle station (“that’s no moon!”) when I wandered over to my local Carrefour store last week. I needed to shop for some groceries and the most awesome sight greeted me.


There it was, smack bang in the middle of the store’s promotional billboard. Kylo Ren, backed by a First Order trooper. Was I dreaming? Had I died and gone to Geek heaven? An angry old woman in a Volkswagen honked me out of my reverie. Still awestruck I wandered inside.


Only to be greeted by more Star Wars awesomeness!

First Order troopers were scattered everywhere.  Between and on the shelves, on promotional banners throughout the store. Truly this was the stuff of dreams. I had always been envious of American department stores that got a Star Wars makeover, and now it was happening to Carrefour, the supermarket chain in my own back yard.


As it turns out, the store is host to a six week contest. People can enter some sort of random prizedraw. Prizes are given away bi-weekly, and a grand prize is given away at the end of the promotion. I spotted tickets to the new movie, encyclopedias and trips to Disneyland amongst the goodies. The grand prize is a trip to London for the family, including tickets to the Star Wars exhibit at Madame Tussaud’s. Need I say I’ll be shopping here exclusively for the next two months?


Further into the store, there was a special aisle for Star Wars merch. Toys, plates, alarm clocks, pillows, cutlery, ballpoints, comics, books,… A heavenly choir sounded in my head. Truly, the dark days are over. Our lord and savior Disney is here to bring us the much needed merchandise. We thank thee, oh great Mouse-eared one.

On the way out, arms laden with merch (And no groceries – One has to know ones priorities!) I was told the store will be hosting to more events. A day with Star Wars characters and photo-ops and another day with ‘instore animation’.  Expect to see more of these in coming Tusken Tuesday installments.


Tusken Tuesdays: Pop Secret

Greetings. And welcome in the second installment of Tusken Tuesday. Which is coincidentally food-themed again. I would like to point out I’m not a glutton. Just passionate about Star Wars.

On to today’s item: a big bag of popcorn.


Look! It has a pretty picture of Yoda on the front!

At this point, I’m just going to admit I do not like popcorn. Stuff tastes as bland as Styrofoam. And those hard, teeth-shattering kernels! And yet, when I’m faced with a popcorn-eating friend/spouse at the movies, I can’t not steal from their bag. Ulgh. The only thing I enjoy is the buttery frosting, which this bag fortunately has. Thank the Force!

Bag opened carefully and sugary Styrofoam kernels transferred to a bowl, I settled in the couch with a movie. And then it happened. These things do not taste as sugary as advertised at all! They’re salty!

Extremely, very salty. Me no likey.


A quick search online confirmed that a salted variant also exists, featuring Boba Fett on its bag. So was I a victim of a factory mistake? Was there some dastardly Sith deliberately mixing up flavours in the factory? Guess we’ll never know.

Verdict: I still don’t like popcorn. Even less so now. But I’ve got an awesome package to add to the collection. That’s my silver lining, right there.


Star Wars Galaxy Mix

I love sweets.  And I love Star Wars.  So it was a no-brainer when I came across these:


They’re sweet!  And Star Wars themed!  Win-Win!  Or not?
Read on in the first installment of Tusken Tuesday.

A long time ago, I found a packet of jellybeans in the local supermarket.  I simply loved the quirky flavours, and I adored the sense of danger instilled by eating a handful.  Would I get a delicious flavor or a downright nasty one?  (Anyone who’s tasted pinca colada beans knows what I’m talking about…)

Those thrills all came back when I carefully opened this package.  The smells!  The colors!  As a special addition, these Star Wars branded beans are even sparkly!  If I’ve ever seen magic beans, these are them!

Judging by looks alone, they get an A+.  Look at Darth Vader, lurking on that package.  Almost begging us to taste his dark side treats.  Challenge accepted mr. Dark Lord of the Sith, sir!  Let’s dig in!


Flavor 1: Sparkling Blueberry
Very sweet. I bet my tongue is actually dyed blue now…

Flavour 2: Sparkling green apple
Sweet, with a hint of 10 tons of added sugar.  Sugary.

Flavour 3: Sparkling wild blackberry
Ulgh!  Wow, things took a turn for the worst quickly!  Licorice, with a supersweet sugary aftertaste.


Flavour 4: Sparkling grape soda
Yegods!  I actually gagged!  If hell had a taste, this would be it.  A strong aftertaste of housepaint.   I hope the color additives will wash of my teeth…

Flavour 5: Sparkling sour apple
I don’t even know, I can still taste number four!  Quick, someone get me some water, anything!

Flavour 6: Sparkling berry blue
The sugar rush just gave me a headache and my tongue is coated with a thick honey-like substance. Talking and swallowing gets harder every time I try.

In hindsight: tasting these was a mistake.  I should’ve known better than to take candy from a Sith Lord. Someone hand me a pint of gasoline. I need to cleanse my palate.


Tusken Tuesdays!

1125_star_wars-prevI am a huge Star Wars nerd.  That fact alone already makes it strange I have yet to write anything about the phenomenon (Yes, I am calling it a phenomenon.  Because it is.  And because I really wanted to use the word phenomenon for once.  It’s such an underappreciated word.  I mean, can you recall the last time you said, let alone typed out phenomenon?  Exactly.)

So starting next week, I’m declaring tuesday to be Tusken Tuesday on this site.  Yes, every tuesday  I will go out and try to find something for the collection and report my findings here.

It’ll be fun, I promise!


Disclaimer: author cannot be held responsible for tardiness, and as such, Tusken Tuesdays could alternatively be called Watto Wednesdays, Threepio Thursdays, Fierfek Fridays, Sith Saturdays, Sebulba Sundays or even Mon Mothma Mondays.