Last night I watched an episode of Clarence.  It’s a fairly new cartoon show about an optimistic boy called Clarence.  We all knew a Clarence at one point.  The slightly bigger built kid, missing a tooth, that was always ready to do something gross for laughs.  Like eat a booger or a worm.  It was the same kid that stuck by your side through hard times.  The friend you could always rely on.  The friend you last track of in high school.  That kid.  We all knew one like that.

clarence 1

I guess that’s the series’ strong point.  That familiarity.  Not only of Clarence, but also of the adventures he has with his friends.  The episode I caught had him going on a trek throught the forest and eventually having a pretend battle with friends in the middle of said forest.  As a kid, I did that too.  And loved it.  Hence I loved watching Clarence do it.


It all boils down to nostalgia.  I remember doing what Clarence does.  It’s a trip down memory lane for me.  Heck, they could have him playing NES games over at a friend’s house for the entire next episode, and I’ll watch it.  Or playing with G.I. Joe’s or He-men (He-mans?).  I’ll watch it ’cause it’s recognisable.  And nicely animated and funny.  That too.

Clarence, you’ve got yourself a new fan.


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