F.A.C.T.S. – The Legend

Yes, the legend is true.  The rumours you’ve heard are all based on fact:

I visited one of the biggest scifi conventions this weekend, and bought next to nothing.

Shocking, I know.  I visit FACTS yearly, and every time I come prepared with an expenditure limit.  Because without one, I’d buy myself silly.  There’s so much Star Wars stuff around, and being a Star Wars collector (or should I say hoarder?) I have to make choices.  Works every year.  I’m happy, my wife is happy and the bankpeople are happy that the mortgage continues getting paid on a regular basis.

This year I dove into the throng of cosplayers and sweaty geeks/nerds/dorks with just a few set goals:

-Get something from the new Star Wars Rebels, other than Lego or those huge action figures.
-Find some nice vintage Star Wars pieces.  Either stuff I don’t have yet, or things that I don’t own in the original packaging yet.
-Get some low priced quirky stuff.  Like that single use shrunk Darth Vader washcloth I got last year.
-Get more X-Wing Miniatures.

Pretty reasonable, no?  Hopes on high, I set off.

Two days later, I return home, having failed miserably.

-No Rebels merch in sight.  Well except for, you’ve guessed it, the large figures and Lego sets.  I did get a free polaroid taken with a friend, which we then got framed in a free promotional Rebels flyer.  I guess that counts towards my goals?
-No vintage Star Wars.  What was there was either way out of my price range (and by way out of I mean lightyears away.  I actually felt my wallet cringe…) or in rough shape.
-No quirky stuff.  At least, no CHEAP quirky stuff.
-I did find a booth selling X-Wing minis.  I bought the HWK-290 and debated to get the Imperial shuttle.  When I finally made up my mind, the shuttle was sold out…

And that’s it!

The "meager" loot

The “meager” loot

Well…  That’s it for goal-related stuff anyway…  I got the “Star Wars Year By Year” book as well, and a whole lot of comics.  I tried getting a peek at Carrie Fisher, but she was hidden from view.  Apparently her stall was built with a wall inside it, obscuring her from view.  To discourage anyone from taking free pictures I presume, although the hired muscle security person/grunt was already doing a great job.

Reading this, you might think I did not have a great time, but you’d be wrong.  I had a blast!  And who cares about failing my set goals?

There’s always the Dutch Comic Con and the Antwerp Convention.  I’ll reach my goals yet!


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