Star Wars Galaxy Mix

I love sweets.  And I love Star Wars.  So it was a no-brainer when I came across these:


They’re sweet!  And Star Wars themed!  Win-Win!  Or not?
Read on in the first installment of Tusken Tuesday.

A long time ago, I found a packet of jellybeans in the local supermarket.  I simply loved the quirky flavours, and I adored the sense of danger instilled by eating a handful.  Would I get a delicious flavor or a downright nasty one?  (Anyone who’s tasted pinca colada beans knows what I’m talking about…)

Those thrills all came back when I carefully opened this package.  The smells!  The colors!  As a special addition, these Star Wars branded beans are even sparkly!  If I’ve ever seen magic beans, these are them!

Judging by looks alone, they get an A+.  Look at Darth Vader, lurking on that package.  Almost begging us to taste his dark side treats.  Challenge accepted mr. Dark Lord of the Sith, sir!  Let’s dig in!


Flavor 1: Sparkling Blueberry
Very sweet. I bet my tongue is actually dyed blue now…

Flavour 2: Sparkling green apple
Sweet, with a hint of 10 tons of added sugar.  Sugary.

Flavour 3: Sparkling wild blackberry
Ulgh!  Wow, things took a turn for the worst quickly!  Licorice, with a supersweet sugary aftertaste.


Flavour 4: Sparkling grape soda
Yegods!  I actually gagged!  If hell had a taste, this would be it.  A strong aftertaste of housepaint.   I hope the color additives will wash of my teeth…

Flavour 5: Sparkling sour apple
I don’t even know, I can still taste number four!  Quick, someone get me some water, anything!

Flavour 6: Sparkling berry blue
The sugar rush just gave me a headache and my tongue is coated with a thick honey-like substance. Talking and swallowing gets harder every time I try.

In hindsight: tasting these was a mistake.  I should’ve known better than to take candy from a Sith Lord. Someone hand me a pint of gasoline. I need to cleanse my palate.


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