Gotham – Season 3

gs3coverI’ve written about my fascination for all things Batman before. I’ve reviewed seasons one and two of controversial show Gotham, praising it for its different take on the Bat. But this third season is teetering dangerously close to how much I can take…

I still liked it, mind you. It’s just…  I frowned more than once during my viewing. There were strange things going on. Inconsistencies with the established comic universe. normally, I’m all for that. New writers, new takes on characters, origins, etc. I get it. People don’t want to see the same things over and over. But some things shouldn’t be messed with.

Take James Gordon for example. The archetypical cop with a heart. Turning bounty hunter this season? Really? Someone with that much respect for the law starting to operate on the fringe of it? Frown n. 1.


On to frown n. 2 and 3. I know it’s not unusual for soaps to resurrect the dead, but I didn’t expect it from a show like Gotham. Yet it happens. Twice. I won’t spoil who gets to be alive again this season, but from where things ended for them last season, I was pretty sure at least one of these characters was smoked permanently…


Frown n. 4 (and this is the last one, I promise) has to do with some of the forced entries. I’ve had this with seasons one and two as well, but less so. Some of the villains, or supporting characters just seem forced into the plot, just so writers can make a nod to future bad guys or comic plots. It’s not necessary to add all of Batman’s opponents to the storyline, but the writers do seem intent on trying.


But enough with the frowns. I’ve had my fun watching season 3. Acting still is spot on. In particular from Ben McKenzie (Gordon) and Robin Lord Taylor (Penguin). The overall tone of the series plot has also become darker. Who would’ve thought that was possible?

All in all, a still very much enjoyable series. It has a few flaws, which I hope will be adressed for season 4.


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