Injustice 2 (PS4)

i2Oh dear. The DC universe is once again in turmoil. Loyal fans will remember the events of Injustice: Gods among Us. Superman went insane after the Joker tricked him into killing Lois Lane. He executed the clown and became a tyrannical SOB bent on world-domination. He even wanted to bring order to the world by killing all criminals. He nearly succeeded, if not for Batman and his loyal band of do-gooders.

Injustice 2 continues after the events of the first installment. Five years after his victory over Superman, Batman is hard at work restoring order to society. His work is disrupted by the appearance of a new league of villains, led by Gorilla Grodd. Batman and co must stop Grodd, but in doing so discover an even bigger threat to humanity. One that may require Superman’s help…


Injustice 2’s gameplay is similar if not identical to that of its predecessor. Characters kick, punch, block and jump at the press of a button. Combo’s are thrown in abundance and pressing the correct buttons in a specific order unleashes powerful attacks. Again, as in the first Injustice, there’s a supermeter. Once that’s filled up, characters can unleash a devastating attack.


Completely new is the gear system. After a fight, players are awarded with gear drops. These include equipment, pieces of costumes, that can be used to level up a character. The more we fight with a character, the stronger or more experienced it gets. Think RPG, but in a fighting game. Never thought I’d see elements of these two genres combined, but somehow it works.


Comics and fighting games: two things of which I’m a fan. So it shouldn’t come as a surprise I’m die-hard into Injustice 2 as well. I’m already playing the (relatively short) singleplayer campaign again, just to see the alternate ending. I’m still playing single fights in a vain attempt to collect all the gear. And I keep bashing my friends’ skulls in, just because it’s so much fun!


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