Legends of Tomorrow

lotcovWhen DC launches a new franchise, I listen. 
This time however, it seems I was wearing my noise-cancelling headphones, ‘cause I didn’t hear the call. Legends of Tomorrow went by unnoticed.

‘till now. The first season recently popped up on bluray. My headphones are in the bin, and disc one of the two disc set is snugly in the blurayplayer.

Legends of Tomorrow is about Time-Master Rip Hunter. Originally from the 22nd century, he is hunting for Vandal Savage, the immortal tyrant hellbent on taking over the world. Rip wants to stop Savage before he succeeds and in doing so travels from one era to another. Because immortal-hunting is difficult and time-travelling tends to get lonely, Rip recruits some “heroes” from the 21st century for help: White Canary, the Atom, Firestorm, Captain Cold and Heat Wave. Also part of the team are Hawkman and Hawkgirl, because of their special bond with Savage. As a team, they travel through time, always hunting for Vandal Savage, and taking care not to upset time itself.


Confused? Yes, me too. At first. But about a third into the pilot, stuff started to make sense. And I began enjoying the show. There’s a wellwritten backstory, that’s anchored into almost all of DC’s other properties (mostly Arrow and Flash). There’s action, there’s suspense. Me likey.


That’s not to say the show doesn’t have its flaws though. Acting is sometimes cringeworthy, sometimes the fights are “too choreographed” and dialogue seems forced. And can I address the big, giant uncomfortable elephant in the room? I can? Here goes: what’s the difference between an Time-Master and a Time Lord? People glancing over when I was watching this actually said: “Which doctor is this? The twelfth?” One cannot simply ignore some similarities between Legends and Dr. Who. There. I said it.

But again: I’m enjoying this stuff. I’m seeing characters I like, and they’re doing awesome things. What more does a geek need?


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