Les Revenants Season 2

Rebound-(Les-Revenants)-Seizoen-2-TV-serieWho here, like us, discovered the first season of Les Revenants well after it had been released?  Who, like us, then proceeded to bingewatch, only to discover the ending was not really and ending, but a lead into the second season that hadn’t even started production by then?

Well, people like us, the wait is finally over!  Season 2 is here on bluray and DVD. Hooray!
For those of you who aren’t aware of the series, a small synopsis. (Spoiler alert!)

In a French mountain town, several strange phenomena happen at once. There’s unexplainable power outages, the water level of a lake mysteriously drops, but the weirdest thing is the return of several people that died years ago.  They return home, seemingly unaware of what happened and physically unchanged since their deaths.  The series follows them and their surroundings as they try and cope with what’s happening to them.


We were thrown right back into the story as soon as we started off season 2.  It picks up 6 months after the events of season 1.  The dead have banded together someplace unknown to the living.  People are awaiting their return, others are more actively looking for them, and the military is taking an interest in the mysterious dropping water level that’s now caused a flood of the town.


The second season continues is keeping the high level of quality that its predecessor set.  Acting is still top-notch, writing continues to surprise us.  With every episode, we get a step closer to understanding what’s happening.  Yet at the same time each episode also dumps a truckload of new mysteries and questions on us.  The suspense is killing us.  And that feeling of dread and suspense hanging over the entire show!  The excellent photography and the chilling soundtrack by postrockers Mogwai…  If David Lynch was French, he would’ve made this show, we’re sure of it!


If you’ve never heard of Les Revenants, go right that mistake now.  If you have, continue in doing well for yourself and binge on season 2.


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