Little Nightmares

lnnxgBetween all the noise of racing games and first person shooters, finding a nice little adventure games sometimes seems difficult. Just recently, I came across Little Nightmares, a funadventure/platformer type of game. In it, you play as Six, a tiny girl in a yellow raincoat, roaming a giant world known only as The Maw. Six is trapped within the Maw. Together with other captive children she awaits a terrible faith: to be served as dinner to the Maw’s monstrous visitors. Six decides not to become dinner, and tries escaping the Maw and it’s guardian. Armed with only a lighter, I venture out…


As I roam the giant environment, which seems to be designed by Tim Burton, many obstacles block my path. Every room seems to have one ore more. These range in difficulty to having to open a door with a lever to avoiding deadly enemies, jumping over botomless pits or climbing wobbly stacked crates.


I’ve already mentioned being armed with a lighter. It helps to lighten dark areas and light lanterns. All you pyromaniacs out there who are already planning on setting enemies ablaze, will be disappointed. Six seems to be a strict pacifist, never going on the offense, always opting to run or hide from enemies.


I really like Little Nightmares. Visually it’s one of the most attractive games I’ve seen in a long while. The sound design is excellent. The perfect mix of suspense and anxiousness. And a veery satisfying gaming experience to boot. One can easily sink in an hour or two without actually realising. Struggling to put down the controller, not wanting to leave Six behind. Which leads me to the only negative about Little Nightmares: its length. After a few hours, I’m all done and longing for more…

Neveretheless: two thumbs up!


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