Tusken Tuesdays: Pop Secret

Greetings. And welcome in the second installment of Tusken Tuesday. Which is coincidentally food-themed again. I would like to point out I’m not a glutton. Just passionate about Star Wars.

On to today’s item: a big bag of popcorn.


Look! It has a pretty picture of Yoda on the front!

At this point, I’m just going to admit I do not like popcorn. Stuff tastes as bland as Styrofoam. And those hard, teeth-shattering kernels! And yet, when I’m faced with a popcorn-eating friend/spouse at the movies, I can’t not steal from their bag. Ulgh. The only thing I enjoy is the buttery frosting, which this bag fortunately has. Thank the Force!

Bag opened carefully and sugary Styrofoam kernels transferred to a bowl, I settled in the couch with a movie. And then it happened. These things do not taste as sugary as advertised at all! They’re salty!

Extremely, very salty. Me no likey.


A quick search online confirmed that a salted variant also exists, featuring Boba Fett on its bag. So was I a victim of a factory mistake? Was there some dastardly Sith deliberately mixing up flavours in the factory? Guess we’ll never know.

Verdict: I still don’t like popcorn. Even less so now. But I’ve got an awesome package to add to the collection. That’s my silver lining, right there.


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