Star Wars Battlefront 2 (PS4)

bf2nxgY’all know I have a Star Wars… thing. Let’s not call it an addiction, that’s too confronting, even though it is. I want to inhale Star Wars. Have it shot into my veins and projected straight into my eyeballs.
But until such a thing is legally and medically possible (and allowed by Mrs. NerdXGeek), I need to keep myself content by other means. Battlefront 2 being one of them.

Early on, gamers were promised that Battlefront 2 would address all shortcomings of its illustrious predecessor. The main shortcoming being the singleplayer campaign. Or lack thereof. With Battlefront 2’s Iden Versio and Inferno Squad wre can now finally experience the joy of blasting rebel scum solo (and offline!). Inferno Squad is a division of Imperial Special Forces. Following the destruction of the Second Death Star over Endor, the Emperor’s contingency plan is set into motion. Versio and her companions follow the late Sith Lord’s orders to the letter, but their convictions soon start crumbling…

Since I’ve been longing for more content that takes place in the years between episodes 6 and 7, this new storyline is like a breath of fresh air. It’s enthralling, and very well-written. No sooner than you can yeel “No blasters! No blasters!” I’m blasting my way through the campaign, flying TIE’s and gawking at all the wonderfully detailed scenery. Because visually all the stops are pulled. I can even count the pores on the commanding admiral’s pitted face. It’s like I’m wandering through the movies.


Time to see if multiplayer is just as much fun. Battlefront 2 has been marred by controversy from launch. The random lootboxes and starcards, and the grinding needed to get new characters was frowned upon by many. And, even though adjustments were made, I can get what wound people up in the first place. Whichever mode I play, surviving for more than one minute at a time seems impossible. As soon as I set foot in the arena, I get murderised by a more experienced player. And wether or not the experience comes from just being better or from ‘buying’ upgrades, remains a mystery. The game does let us know what upgrade my murderer was carrying. So I can buy it for myself later on. Or grind for it.


Still, I’m having a blast. The same visual splendor from the singleplayer is all over the multiplayer too. Everything just breathes that typical Star Wars vibe. I’m sightseeing more than I’m firing blasters in the enemy’s general direction.


Battlefront 2 is just right on target with everything. Visually, story-wise, Star wars-vibey, singleplayer, multiplayer… It’s just a shame that the wonky lootbox and starcard system controversies drag the rest of the game down with them.


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