Star Wars photo-op!

Remember when I talked at length about that Star Wars promo thing going on at Carrefour supermarkets?

Well, it’s still going strong, and I stopped by last week for one of their in-store events. The site advertised that Star Wars characters would be on point for photo-ops.

As I rolled into the parking lot, I immediately noticed a truck with familiar characters.


The Disney promoteam is here! This is bound to be good.

Once inside, I was greeted by this sight.


A slightly oversized stormtrooper statue, surrounded by technical equipment. Apparently, I was a bit early. The team was still setting up shop and told me to return in 15 minutes. So what did I do? Like a good boy, I idled around. I admired the promo team’s attire: Star wars caps, coats, hoodies and shirts. I could tell they started getting creeped out by the giant manchild ogling their clothing. So I took my idling to a different spot. Since the photobooth was located behind the registers, I could check which customers bought Star Wars stuff. So I did just that. Which soon started getting me weird looks from the cashiers, which in turn caught the attention of security. So again, I took my idling elsewhere.


Luckily, there was a Rebels banner set up as well. Closer inspection revealed it held free posters, so I took one to help me pass the time.

Man, setting up a simple photobooth seemed to take up an eternity. I was running out of spots for idling. Luckily, an overstressed mom with three children appeared. All three kids wanted a photo, so I took a spot behind them. Thus forming a line and eliminating all weird stares.

When all three anklebiters had their photo taken, it was my turn. I was handed a lightsaber, someone threw a brown cape over my head and snapped away. I was then ushered towards two giant piles of papers, which turned out to be consent forms that I needed to sign, and someone promised me the photo would appear on Facebook the day after.

And that was it.


I look like a dork.


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