Star Wars takes over my local supermarket

Star Wars fan in the corners of Europe, rejoice! It seems that with Disney’s takeover of the franchise, we’re finally out of the dry spell. I was over the battle station (“that’s no moon!”) when I wandered over to my local Carrefour store last week. I needed to shop for some groceries and the most awesome sight greeted me.


There it was, smack bang in the middle of the store’s promotional billboard. Kylo Ren, backed by a First Order trooper. Was I dreaming? Had I died and gone to Geek heaven? An angry old woman in a Volkswagen honked me out of my reverie. Still awestruck I wandered inside.


Only to be greeted by more Star Wars awesomeness!

First Order troopers were scattered everywhere.  Between and on the shelves, on promotional banners throughout the store. Truly this was the stuff of dreams. I had always been envious of American department stores that got a Star Wars makeover, and now it was happening to Carrefour, the supermarket chain in my own back yard.


As it turns out, the store is host to a six week contest. People can enter some sort of random prizedraw. Prizes are given away bi-weekly, and a grand prize is given away at the end of the promotion. I spotted tickets to the new movie, encyclopedias and trips to Disneyland amongst the goodies. The grand prize is a trip to London for the family, including tickets to the Star Wars exhibit at Madame Tussaud’s. Need I say I’ll be shopping here exclusively for the next two months?


Further into the store, there was a special aisle for Star Wars merch. Toys, plates, alarm clocks, pillows, cutlery, ballpoints, comics, books,… A heavenly choir sounded in my head. Truly, the dark days are over. Our lord and savior Disney is here to bring us the much needed merchandise. We thank thee, oh great Mouse-eared one.

On the way out, arms laden with merch (And no groceries – One has to know ones priorities!) I was told the store will be hosting to more events. A day with Star Wars characters and photo-ops and another day with ‘instore animation’.  Expect to see more of these in coming Tusken Tuesday installments.


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