Steamworld Dig (SWITCH)

swdcA while back I was gushing over Steamworld Dig 2 on Switch. Despite having never played a previous installment of the franchise, I got sucked in right away. I loved the game’s art style, gameplay, story…  Everything about it just clicked. Needless to say I jumped at the chance to review the Switch remake of the game that started it all: Steamworld Dig.

I play as Rusty, a new bot in town. I’ve been called here by my uncle, who needs help in the mine. Rusty soon discovers his uncle is a goner, and that there’s more at play in the mine than your random ore-digging.


The game’s mechanics are simple: I dig deeper into the mine, beat enemy critters and salvage ore and diamonds. Whenever my bag of holding is full, I venture back up to the surface, sell the ore, buy upgrades for my gear then venture off deeper into the mine once again. It may sound like a drag, but it’s all very entertaining. The deeper I go, the harder the game becomes. New enemies pop up, and more than once I foolishly lose track of where I’m going. Or rather: where I was coming from. It’s impossible to dig upwards and with my eyes on a shiny price, I often dig myself into holes too deep to climb out of.


But with some tweaking, and some clever upgrades, Rusty slowly becomes unstoppable. Thicker plating, pneumatic drills and jackhammer fists, all kinds of steam-powered goodies… Whatever I need, the stores in town are probably selling.

I simply love the Steamworld series, even though I started in the wrong order. Steamworld 1 feels just as fresh and new as its successor. And it never gets boring. In fact, I can hear the ore calling to me now. The need to dig is becoming strong… Too strong… Someone send help, I just can’t stop!


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