Suicide Squad

squadWell now…  Suicide squad.  Where do I start?

When this movie was first announced, the interwebz almost immediately got divided into two parts. One part of hopefuls, who wanted this movie to rock so badly. The other part consisted of naysayers who instantly damned the movie and its odd casting choices. And then there was me. Oddly left in the middle. Digging the premise, but not understanding Will Smith as Deadshot. Loving Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn, but hating the new and “edgy” Joker with his many tattoos and silver teeth grille. Overjoyed at the inclusion of Batman, infuriated by his part being so small.

So I waited. I waited and I skipped the theatrical release. And then I waited some more, and read that director David Ayer hated the studio’s cut and that Jared Leto was furious over them cutting so much Joker footage. And then the definitive edition dropped on my desk for review.

Cautiously, I slid the disc into my designated bluray device. And watched. For 2 hours and sixteen minutes.


And here I am now. Still oddly left in the middle. I can name so many things I liked, but I can name just as many (if not a little bit more) things I absolutely hated. So without further ado, I give you my concise list of good and bad points (spoiler warning!).

The good

The story
I like how the Suicide Squad actually made sense. As if it’s a squad that could be set up in the real world. Villains, each with their own unique set of skills, brought together for a special mission. They get their hands dirty in exchange for reduced sentences, and if all goes to hell, the authorities can throw them under the bus.

Margot Robbie
I think this is pretty much a given. The girl rocked that Harley Quinn outfit! And was pretty damn funny as well.


Will Smith as Deadshot
The fresh prince brings some actual emotionality to the assassin that never misses. And serious cool. Seventies pimp-style!

Batman and Captain Boomerang
Need I say more?  Batman and captain Boomerang are in this movie! One of all-time favourite heroes and one of the most underappreciated villains! Come on!

The Joker’s gang
These guys kick ass.  They’re only in two major scenes, but they shine brightly in both of them. That fast-paced action! Those masks! Giant Eyeball guy, Batman-novelty-dollarstore-mask guy, wolfman-man!

The Bad

The story
More specifically: the way it was edited. This is my major gripe. This is just one big heap of… mess! Sure, there’s plot, but it’s cut and spread out over the entire duration of the movie. It’s undercut with bits of subplot that feel like major plot points. And there’s a lot of it missing. The whole time I felt like I missed parts of the movie. You know, like when you fall asleep during a movie, wake up and suddenly there’s a ton of stuff that happened? Just like that, but without falling asleep. Very odd feeling. The whole movie feels like a someone tried fixing a fix of a recut of someone’s second cut of the original material.

Jared Leto as Joker
I don’t get this one. Why on earth does Joker need to be more gangsta and less clinically insane? What’s with the abundance of tattoos? Why the lack of eyebrows? Why the pimp outfit and car? And that laugh…  Dear jebas, that laugh. Throaty and from the stomach at the same time. Unsettling: yes. Fitting for the Joker: not so much.


The supervillain, not the band. Gets killed off within his first minutes of screen time.

“Oh hey, Slipknot.” BOOM “He dead.”

Really? I get how the squad needed to see that Amanda Waller was not kidding about that killswitch, but showing them like this just feels like lazy writing.

Batman and Captain Boomerang
Why is there so little of them? I need more!


I’m still on the fence here. Although I suspect the bits that I liked just don’t wash away the bad taste of that awful editing job. So…  One and a half thumbs down? Half a thumb up for effort? Yeah, that should work.


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