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99 Vidas (SWITCH)

99vidascovI like a good fight. Just a good kicking and punching ‘till someone drops down in defeat. I find it relaxing. Soulcleansing even.
Not for real, of course, but in a good beat ‘em up. A Double Dragon, or a Streets of Rage or Badstreet Brawler…. The classics from my youth get regularly dusted off and fed to the console. It goes without saying, that each time fresh blood appears, I’m over the moon.

An important artefact, the 99Vidas, was stolen by an evildoer. Using the artefact he can… Uhm… do more evil? I forgot the plot. Suffice to say it’s rather thin and unimportant. Let’s skip story and get straight to the important bit: fisticuffs!



In 99Vidas players choose one of 6 playable characters. Each of these have their own special moves and abilities but the main goal stays the same: fight themselves a way through hordes of enemies and beat a boss at the end of each level. There’s no learning curve, just hop in kicking and punching.


99 Vidas tries very hard to keep nostalgia lovers happy. The game spews forth 80’s and 90’s popculture references and is completely built in 16bit style… I soon forget I’m playing a modern game and I’m back on my bedroom floor clutching a controller in my hands.


I’m having a blast with this retrostyled sidescrolling beat ‘em up. But at the same time I can’t help but wonder: maybe I’m the only one? Maybe there’s not a big market for retrostyled sidescrolling beat ‘em ups nowadays? Maybe the current generation of gamers thinks what I like is old and boring?

And then I realise:

I couldn’t care less.

And I happily continue beat ‘em upping!