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Aqua Kitty UDX (SWITCH)

aknxgA sudden shortage of milk has Earth’s cat population in a panic. The furry felines are forced to look elsewhere for their source of calcium and discover a rich milk vein underneath the oceans. A team of cat-divers goes out to see, accompanied by a catpain (Yes, I know that’s a silly pun, but I couldn’t NOT make it.).

I can hear you all thinking: “It doesn’t need to get any goofier than this.” But beware: it gets goofier than this. My job, as a cat-aquanaut, is to protect the little pussies that are pumping the milk from all the dangers that are lurking on the bottom of the ocean. Mysterious sea-monsters are trying to kill them, and even stranger jellyfish are trying to abduct them. Luckily, my submarine comes equipped with all kinds of weaponry and power-ups are strewn about the seabed.

Playing is a blast. The sub dashes left and right to blast the fishes to bits. Steering works like a charm and the turbo fire mode makes sushi of the biggest enemies with ease. The difficulty level shoots up pretty quick though, and more than often I find myself lamentig the one kitty I failed to save.


Replay value is quite high, what with all the cats I’m trying to save, but there’s also an added arcade mode. In this mode, players only get a set number of hearts, and once they’re gone, it’s game over man! Restart from scratch. Luckily, there are diamonds to collect, wich can be used to buy upgrades for the sub, all while playing.

On top of that, there’s also the Dreadnought mode. Here the objective is to destroy a giant ship, One that’s bristling with guns and swimming in enemy-infested waters.


And there’s more! In infinite Espresso players are set loose in a dark ocean where endless streams of enemies are unleashed upon them. The aim being to stay alive as long as possible. Luckily, there’s no kittens here to concern myself with…


Add to all that a charming retro 8-bit look and soundtrack, and you’vegot yourself a winner in my book! Aqua Kitty UDXis a must-have, especially considering how cheap it is.