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Star Wars for babies

Some of you may have noticed the lack of Tusken Tuesdays.  And the erratic posting schedule.

I have an explanation.

You see…  Me and the wife have a small padawan on the way. And while writing content here is one of my favourite things to do, these past few months have been full of shopping for babycarriers, baby furniture, boring baby paperwork, an my favourite: baby clothing.

Hold on: a man enjoying clothes shopping??  This is where I give you some time to recover from shock…



Recovered? Good, now allow me to explain. How can I not enjoy it, when there’s gems like this to be found:


I mean, look at it! The kid is not due for another week, but once he’s here, a Stormtrooper uniform is one of his first outfits! He’ll be the coolest baby on the block! And this one:

it is your destiny

“It is your destiny”

Hilarious! And the truth. ‘cause like it or not, he’s to be the heir to that freakishly large collection of Star Wars plastic I keep upstairs.

I hope he likes it.