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Tusken Tuesday : Baby Steps

Having a kid brings about some big changes in one’s life. This is true, no matter how clichéd it might sound.  When our son was born, everything changed.

“You’ll have to drop all your hobbies!” people said. “You’ll stop collecting that Star Wars junk!” others claimed.  This is not true.  Since our son has been born, I’ve been adding babythemed stuff to the collection. Baby Star Wars tshirts he has grown out of. And, more recently, this little gem:FB_IMG_1469184690279

Having a kid doesn’t mean you’ll automatically cease collecting. It’ll just alter your focus.


We’re here!

We’re back!

Three weeks ago, my wife gave birth to our son Niel.  We’re both extremely excited and happy with our little padawan, but he kinda threw a spanner in the cogs of regular updates. But now we’re back!

We may be up to our elbows in dirty diapers, but we’re back!

Expect regular updates to resume soon.