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A very Star Warsy easter

Welcome to another (late) installment of Tusken Tuesdays. Today I’ll discuss something my lovely wife bought me…

Star Wars Easter eggs!


Found in a store for the ridiculously low price of 98 cents. That’s 0.49 per egg! Each egg contains sweets and a toy! It’s a steal!

Or is it?

Let’s start with the sweets.


They look appetizing, don’t they?  Small and round, and brightly colored. But looks can be deceiving.  These thing are just tiny goblets of pure sugar, the only other flavor coming from the colorants. Not as yummy as they look, and they only last a millisecond before dissolving in saliva.

On to the toys then.

Both eggs contained a mini sticker sheet featuring different characters. I have a soft spot for stickers, so I like this a lot.


Also included were a spinner thingamajig and some spinning pencil top. Basically two pieces of cheap plastic with a Star Wars sticker slapped on.

So did I get great stuff with these eggs?


But I did get my 98 cents worth of plastic and got 2 sheets of awesome ministickers to boot.  I call that a win!