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The Flash – Season 3

fs3cThe Flash Season 3 is here! I’m so excited, I could run a loop around myself at mach 3!
Or maybe that’s the caffeine coursing through my system.
I did just have eight cups of strong coffee in the past hour… So yeah, probably caffeine, not Speedforce.

In season 3 Barry Allen is happily living the new life he created for himself at the end of season 2. By stopping Thawne murdering his mother, Barry set in motion a whole series of events that lead to him still having both parents. Iris West is also no longer his stepsister, so he’s free to pursue her. And, even more important: she’s interested in being pursued.


So life can’t be better for Barry. He doesn’t even have to don his spandex, ’cause there’s a new speeder protecting Central City. Everything is just peachy. Until everything starts to unravel. Barry is left with no choice, but to leave this alternate timeline and head back to his own. But messing with time always has consequences, and the old timeline has changed as well, with a new archvillain crossing over hot on Barry’s heels.


I’ve been a fan of the Flash since season 1. Season 2 even pusehed me further into the arms of fandom, and season 3 now has me locked into it’s fan-servicing arms. Holy cow, this season is so good! I simply adore how they’ve managed to write a plot involving so many intertwined different realities and timelines, yet still keep it comprehensible for the viewer.


Acting is still going strong, the new villain Alchemy is so cool, those crossover with other DC-series are awesome, and all those subplots!

I’m starting to sound fangirlish, aren’t I? Yeah, I figure it’s best to stop.
Just remember, Flash Season 3 just keeps on going strong!