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Gotham Season 2

boxHow do I review the second season of a show I already reviewed the first season of? Do I repeat myself and again talk at length about the show’s strong points? Do I tell people about the ongoing storyline, thus potentially spoiling everyone? Should I talk about the nice extras, of which there are many included on this boxset?

These are questions I asked myself repeatedly over the course of watching the second season of Gotham.


So what do I actually do? I could point out that the show’s lack of actual Batman is its strongest point. It still is a treat to see a Gotham pre-Batman. Streets rife with crime. A thriving mobscene. A young Bruce Wayne, still struggling with the loss of his parents, yet somehow coping. Jim Gordon, still a detective, rising among the ranks of Gotham’s finest. It’s all very well written, and fits into existing Batman continuity.


I can also geek out over the numerous references to Bat-lore in the show. There’s an abundance of easter eggs ranging from the obvious “Oh look, this character’s going to become (insert villain name here) in later life” to the more hidden blink and you’ll miss it shout-outs to the comics.

Perhaps I should point out the actors as well? Maybe say a word or two about how well they’re doing their jobs? There was a time when comic book movies or series had to be acted tongue-in-cheeck (you haven’t seen camp till you’ve seen the 1960’s Batman show), but not here. Here’s a real gritty crime drama, that happens to be set in a comic universe.


So there you go. I’ve repeated myself. Want a more original review? Go read the review I did for the first season. Everything I said there, still stands for season two. How’s that for original?

-Wait a minute, that isn’t original at all… (reader)
-Quiet you! (editor)



GOTHAMpackTV-shows are the new movies.  It’s been said a ton of times by both nobodies and industry big-shots.  Being the movie-fan I am, I’ve always scoffed at this.  How can a mere TV-show deliver the same amount of glee/suspense/fun as a movie?  These things are on tight budgets after all!

But that was then.  Back in a time when The A-Team, Knightrider and Magnum PI dominated the TV-show market.

This is now, an age where the Walter Whites, the Don Drapers, the Lannisters and, to a lesser extent, the nurses Jackie changed TV’s landscape forever.  Thanks to them, I can now sit back and binge-watch a Batmanshow featuring zero percent Batman.

Yep, you’ve read that right.  A Batmanless Batmanshow.  Correction: a Batmanless Batmanshow that, even though there are no Batmen in it, still is quite good.  Phenomenal even.


Because Gotham delivers.  I had several reservations going in though.  All of them revolved around Batman’s absence.  But, about one third into the pilot, all of them were gone.  The show cleverly turns the spotlight onto James Gordon.  Still a detective, Gordon is tasked with solving the Wayne murder, a case that proves to be though to crack.  So yes, Gotham is a prequel to Batman.  Young master Bruce is still trying to cope with his grief, and we see him evolve slowly into the world’s greatest detective.


The focus lies with Gordon however, and we follow him and his partner Harvey Bullock, trying to unravel the Wayne case whilst tackling with some of Gotham’s weirder criminals and mob families fighting for power.  It’s essentially a detective-show set in the Batman universe.  What’s not to like?

Nothing really.  I liked every single episode.  I gobbled up every piece of plot and I adored the acting.  Robin Lord Taylor’s Penguin?  Nothing but fantastic.  The Penguin gets his own little origin story and is by far my favourite portrayal of the character yet.  Not counting DeVito’s version of course.  I wouldn’t dream of kicking DeVito from that pedestal.  But Taylor comes in a close second.


My only gripe?  I feel the creators had too much of an urge to keep cramming in known characters.  Bruce Wayne, Alfred, Gordon, the Penguin?  I get those.  They’re kinda essential to the story.  Bullock and Montoya? Okay, I can get those as well.  Hardcore Batmanfans will know them and get the reference.  But a young Selina Kyle who just happens to witness the Wayne murder?  A young Poison Ivy who’s friends with Selina?  Edward Nygma, working as a forensic expert at Gotham PD?  I found that a little harder to swallow…

All in all, a nice addition to the Batlore (if not an entirely new take on it), and fun to watch.  Now on to series two…