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Gumball8[1]_8268_Seems like I’m late to the party again.  While the rest of the world has been enjoying Gumball for a couple of seasons already, I just watched my first two episodes.

And I enjoyed them massively.  Even though they we’re dubbed in Dutch.  Dutch dubbing: the bane of every cartoonloving manchild in the Benelux.  It always baffles me why Dutch voiceacting for cartoons must be hyperactive/highpitched/and incredibly awful.  If you know why, please write in.  Enlighten me.

Voiceacting aside, I can say this is a gem.  I loved the humour, the all too normal weirdness of the show.  Gumballs parents are a cat and a rabbit and his adopted brother is a goldfish with legs and among his friends is a talking banana.  And noone seems to think anything of it.  Not even when Bananaboy’s mom is squashed and peeled repeatedly in one episode.  I loved it!


And I really dug the style as well.  Nicely drawn characters mixed with animated characters put in drawn and photographic backgrounds?  The originality of that alone puts it down as a win in my book!


I can go on and on, and elaborate even more on how nice and funny this is, but I need to tune in to Cartoon Network and get me my Gumball fix.  Come join me, why don’t you?