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Justice League Action

jlacoverThe DC animated spring still hasn’t dried out yet. This thing just keeps pouring fresh content! Right onto my reviewdesk. This time it spat out a two-DVD set called Justice League Action. Which I in turn fed to the designated DVD-player to check and see if it’s any good.

And, lo and behold, it is.

I have to admit, I went in a little prejudiced. Thinking this would be a thinly veiled toy-commercial. I mean, ten minute action-focused sequences aimed at kids? I love me some cool DC heroes actioning, but c’mon? really?
Yes really.
There’s so much more going on than the promised and much advertised ‘action’. For instance: these things stand alone as vignettes, but are actually all connected to a much bigger backstory. Think universe-affecting bad guys and you’d be right.


And there’s so much of it too! There’s twenty four episodes on these discs, that’s a total of 240 minutes Justice League badassery! And this is just the first part of the first series! I just plowed through the first disc in almost one sitting, and I’m trying to squeeze in episodes from the second disc whenever I can. And considering they’re only ten minutes long, fitting them into a busy schedule is actually pretty easy.

The overarching storyline is pretty clever, and the episodes themselves are well written. Animation has a refreshing young look, and voice acting is pretty great. (Kevin Conroy as Batman just never seems to disappoint.)


When the box art says Justice League, you already know you’re getting classics like Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Cyborg and Green Arrow. What I didn’t expect, is that Justice league action throws in a lot more characters. Swamp Thing is there, Firestorm, Martian Manhunter, Constantine, Zatanna,… Even Booster Gold has a cameo! And the same thing goes for the featured bad guys. You’ve got your old classics, like Luthor, but you also get Lobo and mr. Mind, among others.


I can’t praise this series enough! Fans of the mighty huge DC universe will absolutely relish the wealth of content, and more casual viewers will like the humour.