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The Lego Batman Movie

coverlbmAt the risk of oversaturating this site with Batman content, I popped in The Lego Batman Movie yesterday. I will now proceed to review it as detailed as possible, before the Batsaturation-alarm sounds. Here goes:

In The Lego Batman Movie, fans are reunited with Lego Batman from The Lego Movie. The overly confident, supermacho, metal-loving and beatboxing version of the caped crusader we all know and love. Batman must face off against The Joker who has a fiendish plan involving all supercriminals that are locked up inside the Phantom Zone. Luckily, Batman can count on his trusted allies for help: Alfred, newly adopted/Robin’ed Dick Grayson and freshly appointed Commissioner Barbara Gordon. Unfortunately, Lego Batman hates sharing the spotlight.


From start to finish, I was glued to my screen.  I absolutely loved this zany film! There are tons of easter eggs, throwbacks to other franchises, digs at some of the more cringe-worthy phases of Bat-history and joke after joke after joke. Lego Batman had me in stitches for almost its entire runtime.


The animation follows the tradition set in The Lego Movie. The entire film is 3D-animated, but it was done in such  a way that you get the impression you’re watching a stop motion with Lego’s. Simply brilliant.


Same thing goes for the plot. Sure, it’s zany and funny and very well suited to the humorous tone of this Lego-fest, but with a few minor tweaks it would be just as suitable for a PG-13, dark and serious Bat-drama.
And that cast!  There’s no Kevin Conroy, nor Mark Hammil, but boy, what a star studded cast we get in return: Will Arnett! Michael Cera! Zack Galiafinakis! Rosaria Dawson! Ralph Fiennes! Seth green! Jonah Hill! Channing Tatum! Siri! Mariah Carrey!

Wait, did those last two?…

Anyway, I can’t recommend The Lego Batman Movie enough. It’s fun for die-hard fans and beginners alike. It’s a fun filled watch for both old and young! It’s Ba-