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Lego Star Wars The Force Awakens (PS4)

lswtfapackWhen I was told there was yet another Lego title coming, I was not excited. “Great,” I thought, “more of the same.”

Don’t get me wrong.  I love Lego games. But let’s be honest: it’s not like they bring something new to the table with each new installment.

Graphics are always excellent.
Humor is hilarious.
Replay value is over the top.
Playability to the max!

So when I popped in the disc, the only excitement I was feeling was Star Wars related. This was the first Episode 7 videogame! I was ready to relive the movie (yet) again, and have some part in it. What followed blew my mind.


It’s an age-old fact that Lego and Star Wars combined equals gold. What we get here is far more than that. Platinum. Is platinum more valuable than gold? Whatever. The thing that’s far more valuable than gold. That is what we get here. (Plutonium? Is that it? No? Unobtainium perhaps?)

I had a blast playing through The Force Awakens story missions, I nearly pooped my pants from excitement playing the extra levels, and I had tons of fun building custom figures and collecting studs to build minikits and unlock even more playable characters. I laughed ‘till I cried with the (albeit sometimes childish) humor. In short: I felt like a kid again. A kid with an unending supply of Lego bricks.


As I suspected, there’s not much in the way of “new” things. Loose bricks can now be used to build several solutions to a puzzle.  After building one thing, simple break them apart and build another part of the puzzle. Cutscenes are now spoken!  The lines are lifted right out of the movie, but some additional dialogue can be heard ingame as well. The biggest new thing are the “cover” sequences. During these, players move into cover to fire at enemies. While these are fun, they’re just a little too kid-friendly and require little to no skill.


But, as I said before, I love Lego games.  And the familiar feeling actually contributes to the quality of these games.  This is what we’ve come to expect from Lego, and it’s a worthy of praise that they succeed to deliver every single time.

So, to cut a long review short: Lego plus Star Wars equals fun, so buy now!


Lego Justice League: Cosmic Clash

lego_dc_superheroes_cosmic_clash_keyartSomehow I knew this was going to happen.  Last review I said “Batman animated features seem to crop up faster than I can review them” and Boom!

New Batman animated feature lands on my desk.

Although, technically, this isn’t a Batman-feature.  It’s the Justice League: Cosmic Clash!

When Brainiac decides to add Earth to his mint collection of planets, the Justice League steps up.  Together, they thwart Brainiac’s plan.  They deranged robot isn’t about to give up that easily though, and zaps half of the Justice League back in time.  It’s up to remaining members Flash and Batman to go back in time and save their friends.


I’ve reviewed Lego animated features before.  I’ve always given them thumbs up. I marveled at the humor, praised the voice-actors and was really into the story.  Things are no different with this one.  I can easily check the boxes next to humor, animation, voiceacting and story. Lego once again proves that it’s a quality brand, not just for its toys, but in everything it partakes in.


The one thing that puzzled me most this time around is how they keep it fresh.  Because, sure, it was entertaining and well-written, but deep down it’s just the umpteenth Lego movie, that relies heavily on the same old staples.  Why am I not yet bored by this?

The answer is very simple.  It’s because at heart, I’m still a kid.  A small eight year old, that’s easily impressed by cool stuff.  And animated Lego definitely falls into the cool stuff category, as does the Justice League.


So yes, I continue to like the Lego movies. I hope Lego keeps on producing them and by golly, I now have a craving for opening a fresh box of mint Lego. Just so I can experience the joy of building something and hear that distinct plastic clatter.


Justice League: Attack of the Legion of Doom

ljlpackWhat do you get when you mix Batman with Lego bricks?
What? Highly enjoyable playtime? Well… yes that too, but what else? A videogame-series? Yes, well… I guess you’re right… But what else? Bat-bricks? Batman with an extremely sore foot?

Let’s just stop it, shall we?

What you get (for the purpose of this review anyway) is an animated feature that had me giggling like a six year-old in a candy store. In Justice League: Attack of the Legion of Doom, the Lego Justice League faces off against Luthor and his cronies. The league with fresh member Cyborg must try and overcome Luthor’s newest addition to the team: Martian Manhunter.


When I said I giggled throughout, I was serious. There’s so much humor in this feature. You get the overtly, not-so-subtle jokes aimed at the young target audience obviously, but there are a lot of more subtle jokes, aimed at parents and comic book geeks. What’s not to like here?


The answer is nothing. The animation couldn’t be better. Writing is great and voiceacting nails it. It’s always fun to hear Mark Hammil speak, even when he’s not being the Joker.


So would I recommend this one? Abso-brickin’-lutely! Kids will go love it, parents will like it too, and comic book enthousiast will most certainly appreciate this fresh take. Go watch it, now!