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Little Triangle (SWITCH)

ltcovJust when I thought I was through with breaking controllers in half and rage-quitting, they throw Little Triangle in my lap. And it’s back to square one.
In Little Triangle, players control one of many delightfully cute triangle-shaped people. Their world was just invaded by alien evildoers, and many of their kind were kidnapped. It’s up to players to rescue hostages and beat evil robots armed with only their quick reflexes.

Throughout a wide array of increasingly difficult levels, all I need to do, is guide my little pyramid shape to the exit. Sounds easy enough, right? Wrong! These levels are riddled with deadly spikes, acid pools, relentless enemies, spinning sawblades, deadly laserbeams… And here I’m stuck with a little dude who’s only notable skill is jumping.


Yet playing is oddly fun. Trying to overcome obstacles, succeeding only to meet a gruesome end right after succeeding and trying again has never been more entertaining. I soon find myself leaping from checkpoint to checkpoint, rescuing the odd hostage along the way and collecting diamonds strewn about. Just by skillfully jumping around.


Visually, the game is stunning. Sure, animation is just basic, and the triangles and their world are drawn in an almost childlike way, but I still like the simplistic style a whole lot. Somehow any other style wouldn’t seem to fit the little triangular creatures.


I had just one minor gripe during my playthrough. The controls seem a bit too fiddly. You know what I mean? That ‘I need to make this timed jump extra precise, but my character won’t stand still after landing’-feeling you sometimes get when steering a digital character? Yep, precisely that. Either that or I’m in need of a new controller after rage-throwing it around the office…