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Rad Rodgers (XBOXONE)

rrcovernxgRad Rodgers is in trouble. He was sucked into his tv at night, only to awaken on the other side of the screen in a weird, video-gamey looking world. He has to find a way to get out and find his way home, before his mom gets angry… Luckily, Rad doesn’t have to face the dangers of this world alone. Along with him, his trusty game console Rusty was sucked into the tvas well. Rusty’s not the same though. He changed into an antropomorphic, potty-mouthed version of himself…

And off I go, provided only this meager bit of plot, straight into the first level. Rad clasps Rusty to his back and gets gifted a big blaster. Before I can even say ‘Boom’, I encounter the first enemy. With the gun and Rusty’s fists said enemy is pounded into dust pretty soon. This is fun!

Rad Rodgers reminds of the platforming greats from yesteryear, like Heart of Darkness and Commander Keen. That last one shouldn’t come as a surprise, since Rad came from the same creative minds that birthed Keen.


Gameplay couldn’t be any more straightforward. Rad needs to find the exit of every level, but before that opens, Rad also needs to find four hidden pieces of a medaillon. I run through the levels, frantically searching around, blasting enemies left and right and aughing all the way at Rusty’s blue remarks…


Some puzzles can’t be solved by just blasting at them. Some software glitches cause platforms to disappear or walls to pop up. When Rad encounters such a glitch, it’s up to rusty to enter it. Inside, Rusty will have to avoid corrupt pixels and try and repair the glitch. It’s minigame fun!


I simply love me a good platformer like this. I can just play hours on end, and I will no doubt do so. There’s always more secret areas and extra hats for Rad to be found somewhere!