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DC’s Legends of Tomorrow – Season 2

legendsThe Legends of Tomorrow are back. After succesfully thwarting the cooperation between Vandal Savage and the Timelords in season 1, the team is faced with new problems. Rip Hunter has disappeared, only to re-appear throughout time as different versions of himself. While the legends are searching for him, they are confronted by the Legion of Doom, a new supervillain team fronted by reverse Flash Eobard Thawne.
The Legion of Doom is looking for the Spear of Destiny, of biblical fame. You know, the big toothpick that they used to stab Christ in the ribs with?
That thing.
It is said the spear has reality-changing abilities, and it is also said Rip Hunter has it.


So we’re back in for some juicy timetravelling adventures, some time paradoxes and lots of action. I’m psyched! Season 2 even ups the ante: there’s episodes set in feudal japan, the wild west, the raving sixties… There’s even an episode where they have to save george Lucas so he can go on and make Star Wars which, in turn, inspires the Atom and Steel to become a scientist and a historian respectively. Which will make them into superheroes later on. It’s all mind-boggingly complex and yet very simple at the same time. I’m loving it!legends3

Alas, the gripes I had with season 1, resurface for season 2. The cringeworthy acting for instance. Where I could live with it in season 1, it evolved into something that I can’t overlook. Some, if not most actors, seem as if they’re either trying too hard, or not trying at all. It leads to some very lackluster, stiff deliveries in stark contrast with the overacted ones.

And some of the dialogue is just… bad. When
“What are you doing?”
“Brainsurgery, what does it look like?”
feels like a very funny, and whimsical bit of dialogue, you know the rest has got to be bad…


I had high hopes for Legends of Tomorrow. Unfortunately, it disappoints on some very basic levels. Here’s to hoping season 3 will pick itself up again…


The Flash Season 2

flash2coverThe Flash Season 2 boxset is here!  Packed with extras, gag reel, deleted scenes and documentaries, this is the set to own if you’re a fan of the series. And like I already mentioned in my review of season 1: I am a fan!

And who wouldn’t be? Any fan of comics owes it to himself to at least try this one out. It’s one of the better acted, more believable comic book series out there.  Believable you say? A show about a guy that can run at mach 3? Where timetravel is used more times than you can say Back to the Future? Set in a city where talking gorillas and crazed metahumans roam the streets? Believable you say?

Why yes! That is the sheer brilliance of the show. Whatever oddball villain they throw at you, whichever crazy “scientific” plot device gets thrown into the mix: it’s always handled so well, you just roll with the punches. Talking gorilla? Sure why not? We’re already in a universe where nobody thinks twice about metahumans anyway.

And just when you’re used to all the craziness that seems so mundane, in come the writers with a new plot: Zoom enters from Earth 2. Bringing with him a bunch of supervillains and, as if things weren’t complicated enough already: the alternate version of dr. Wells. Crazy hijinks ensue, trips to the alternate reality of Earth 2 are taken and crazy alternate versions of the main characters are encountered. And still I wasn’t weirded out. I just rolled with the punches, enjoyed the wild ride all the way through.

I cannot recommend The Flash enough. this may well be my favourite series reviewed so far! What? Gotham you say? Erm….