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It shouldn’t come as a surprise when I say I like toy guns.  As a kid I loved running around with cap guns, laser guns and even those plastic ones that rattled like an asthmatic yorkshire terrier.  Loved them.  Even more so when they were space-themed.  Slap a sci-fi sticker on something, and I was ecstatic.  Pretend-killing your friends was even more fun when you did it in space or when one of the parties involved pretended to be an alien.

Today, I’m much older, but I still love me my toy guns.  However, my friends from back in the day all grew up and generally pass up on the opportunity of spending an afternoon in the forest pretend-blasting each other to smithereens.  Nieces and nephews are few in numbers and generally not into the whole blaster-shooty stuff, so I restrict my pretend-murdering to gaming.  It’s almost as satisfying.

Almost.  My triggerfinger is itching, I miss the feeling of a lukewarm rubber grip and the near-weightlessness of a crappy plastic barrel.


So imagine my joy when I came across SNIPE.  A kickstarter campaign for a genuine toy dartgun.  Yes, you read that right: DARTS!  The idea behind it is pure genius.  You can fire darts at your prefered mobile device, and a special app keeps tabs on your score and provides targets.  The darts are completely safe, they can’t even crack an egg.


So now I’ll have the opportunity to go pretend-kill my mobile and tablet.  And, should the need arise, I can even harmlessly unleash my pretend-fury on an unsuspecting colleague, spouse or pet.  Or go blast my grownup friends back into childhood.

It’s perfect!

Go fund it people!  Daddy needs a new toy blaster!