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Soul Calibur 6 (XBOXONE)

soul calibur 6Yes, the rumours are real. Soul Calibur just released the sixth installment in the series! I immediately jumped up on the couch, then pounced the battleworn XBOX One controller, thirsting for a quick match of bloody fighting to the death!

Per tradition, fighting games don’t have much of a plot going for them. Plot is second to combat, gore and crazy martial arts. Most games know this all too well, and treat gamers with lovely, hilarious tongue-in-cheeck nuggets of story. Not Soul Calibur 6 though. I get the impression that the game wants to compete with plotheavy games of other genres, and takes itself way too seriously. It treats me to a contrived, multi-perspectived polished turd of a plot, that was so contrived, I gave up after a mere two minutes. Trying to remember all the character’s names, trying to keep up with the perspective-shifting madness and tons of dialogue was a little too headache-inducing. Clicking away all plot never seemed more inviting…

Behind the plot, hides a brilliant game though. One with loads of playable characters, with unique moves, techniques and weapons. Fighting goes smoothly, and the controls react quickly and accurately, just as they should. I’m having a blast.

soul calibur 6

The heaps of plot I skip so vigorously also hide that the singleplayer campaign is completed rather quickly. The end credits start rolling before you can frustratedly throw your controller at the final boss. Before I started crying, I noticed I could now replay the campaign with each of the playable characters. What I’d just completed was only the overarching storyline, each character also has its own playable plot that fits into that overarching plot. Suddenly, the game got so much more content.

Players not satisfied with that, can also start building a custom character and play a whole new campaign with that creation. And creating goes really deep. Not only can gender or race be picked, but also dress, weapons and even the character’s voice! One can even increase or decrease bust size of a female character, should one be so inclined (I swear I only did it as a test for this review, I swear!).

soul calibur 6

Fans of the genre will undoubtedly love this. Fans of Soul Calibur should cancel all plans for the rest of the year, as they’ll be up into their necks in content. Me, I’m still trying to decide if the nonsensical heaps of plot and loading times warrant a quick punching match…