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Brand new bomber jacket

Winter is coming.  And I mean it.  That wasn’t a reference to that Thrones-show.  It really is coming.  Snow, sleet, coldness, ice, rain…  And here I am without a decent jacket.  About fifty percent of my clothes are tshirts.  The other fifty percent is a mix of socks, underpants and pants.  Seriously.

Until now.  The good people from Musterbrand have just launched a line of clothing based on Starcraft.  Among the tshirts, bags and jackets was this glorious grey bomber jacket.  I’ve always had a soft spot for bomber jackets, but I’ve never owned one.  Imagine my joy when the Musterbrand people decided to send one over for review!

Nice little logo.

Nice little logo.

The jacket looks really cool.  A soft grey on the outside and a really vibrant blue on the inside.  And when I say really vibrant, I mean it.  Wearing the jacket with the zipper down causes my skin to glow with a blue hue.  That’s how bright and shiny the inside is.  I bet, if worn inside out, I can use it as a safety vest next time I’m parked besides the road at night.



But aside from that vibrant blue, I’m really liking this jacket.  It fits really nice, and it’s really warm.  It’ll be perfect for winter.  I’ll be warm and as a bonus I’ll look really cool.

This is how cool I'll look this winter! (disclaimer: editor will look nowhere near as cool as this)

This is how cool I’ll look this winter! (disclaimer: editor will look nowhere near as cool as this)

Or really blue, depending on wether I leave the zipper up or down.

Musterbrand also have lines based on other game franchises like Portal and Assassin’s Creed.  You should go and check them out for a bit of that gamer chic!