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Store display galore!

I’ve been fascinated with store displays, promotional flyers and posters and whatnots since the beginning of my collecting days.  My entire collection is littered with stand-ups of Star Wars characters promoting everything from DVD’s to fizzy drinks and potato crisps.  I’m constantly on the hunt for stuff like this, pestering store employees over and over again, sometimes even going as far as dumpster diving.

And then yesterday happened.  I got a call from a local toystore.  I’m a regular there, and, per tradition, I’ve been bugging the employees for all the Star Wars promo displays.  All the time.  Sometimes with minor success: a small banner here, a badly torn sticker there.  But never before did they call me.  They had some Star Wars stuff, they said.  Would I be interested, they asked.  Where’s my van, they inquired.

(Whenever a van is mentioned, you know the haul is gonna be good…)

Behold: said haul!

IMG_20151204_193507IMG_20151204_191047IMG_20151204_193347 IMG_20151204_193426















A giant BB-8 shelf topper!  Two nice Lego displays!  A First Order Stormtrooper!  I can fit a lot of Lego boxes in them, so that should help with freeing up some space in my shelves.

The only question is where the frick am I going to put these?  I need shelves for my shelves…