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Tesla vs. lovecraft (XBOXONE)

tvlcovWhen one of Nicola Tesla’s demonstrations on his newly developed tesla-tech is rudely interrupted by a raving madman, demanding it be stopped, Tesla becomes curious. Turns out, the protester goes by the name of H.P. Lovecraft, just a harmless writer of horror-fiction. But when Tesla’s lab is raided and burned later that night by what seems to be two fish-men straight from Lovecraft’s work, Tesla decides to dig deeper to the heart of the matter. He straps on his teleporter, climbs in his mech and sets off on the trail of the Deep Ones.

Thus starts the premise of a messed-up, hilarious twin-stick shooter. We play as Tesla, and blast our way through level after level of onstorming creatures from Lovecraftian fiction. Tesla starts off each level in his superpowered mech, but after a set amount of time, it explodes and the scientist is forced to continue on foot. Fret not however, because the journey on foot proves to be equally fun.


Because the battlefield is littered with neat weapons and tech upgrades for Tesla to find. Shotguns, railguns, revolvers, tesla lightning guns,… There are tons of different weapons to collect and upgrade. Same goes for Tesla’s second ability. While mostly of a defensive nature, offensive versions can also be found and collected.

Still liking the mech more? No problem! When it explodes, it scatters its pieces all over the battlefield as well. Collect all of them, and you’re granted more time behind its wheel again.


Through blasting enemies, Tesla also gains XP. Whenever he climbs up a level, players can choose one of two perks that further round out Tesla’s offensive and defensive capabilities.

I started playing this on release, and I’m still having a blast! Shooting deep ones is oddly satisfying and that story is laugh out loud hilariously weird. A real gem!