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The Flash Season 2

flash2coverThe Flash Season 2 boxset is here!  Packed with extras, gag reel, deleted scenes and documentaries, this is the set to own if you’re a fan of the series. And like I already mentioned in my review of season 1: I am a fan!

And who wouldn’t be? Any fan of comics owes it to himself to at least try this one out. It’s one of the better acted, more believable comic book series out there.  Believable you say? A show about a guy that can run at mach 3? Where timetravel is used more times than you can say Back to the Future? Set in a city where talking gorillas and crazed metahumans roam the streets? Believable you say?

Why yes! That is the sheer brilliance of the show. Whatever oddball villain they throw at you, whichever crazy “scientific” plot device gets thrown into the mix: it’s always handled so well, you just roll with the punches. Talking gorilla? Sure why not? We’re already in a universe where nobody thinks twice about metahumans anyway.

And just when you’re used to all the craziness that seems so mundane, in come the writers with a new plot: Zoom enters from Earth 2. Bringing with him a bunch of supervillains and, as if things weren’t complicated enough already: the alternate version of dr. Wells. Crazy hijinks ensue, trips to the alternate reality of Earth 2 are taken and crazy alternate versions of the main characters are encountered. And still I wasn’t weirded out. I just rolled with the punches, enjoyed the wild ride all the way through.

I cannot recommend The Flash enough. this may well be my favourite series reviewed so far! What? Gotham you say? Erm….


The Flash Season 1

coverWhooptidoo.  I got hit by a stomach bug again.

And what better way to spend a couple of days with “the runs” than bingewatching all of season 1 of The Flash!

I know, that was too graphic.  No more poo-related humor below, I swear.

I’m sure all of you are aware of the Flash. The scarlet speedster! The fastest man alive! The red guy with the yellow lightning bolts! The speedy guy on Batman and Superman’s hero-team!  Ever since I watched the first live action movie of the Flash as a child, I’ve been intrigued.  Not so much that I bought the comics, but curious enough to look up his origin, read more about him. I’d see him pop up from time to time when my Batman comics mentioned the Justice League and I took a liking to the character. But still, no comics.


And now the live action series is here. In it, we see forensic scientist Barry Allen transform into the Flash after a dark matter explosion from Star Labs hits him. With the help of the remaining Star Lab staff, Allen becomes the Flash and fights crime. But he isn’t the only one hit by the dark matter. Others, with more criminal intentions, are also turned into metahumans.flash2

How that for a premise? The Flash is set up simultaneously with his gallery of rogues, and we see most of them during the first season. Yes, even Gorilla Grodd! And that cliffhanger ending…  I can’t wait for the second season!flash3

I simply love the series. Well-written, cool overarcing plot, brilliant acting. I’m all about the Flash now! Time to expand the comic collection…