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Resident Evil: The Last Chapter

recoverI love Resident Evil.
I’ve played the games, I watched the films, I’ve shat my pants at some point during each and every one of them…

Now that you’ve got that image stuck in your head, let’s review Resident Evil: The Final Chapter!

Resident Evil: The Final Chapter is marketed as just that: the last Resident Evil in the series. In it, Alice is the sole survivor of a trap laid out by Umbrella. She’s contacted by the Red Queen, who’s turned against Umbrella. The childlike AI tells Alice there is a cure for the virus, but it is hidden inside the remains of the Hive. Alice will have to retrieve it in time to save the last human settlements left.

It’s a thin plot, that much is true. But who needs plot when you’ve got Milla Jovovich kicking undead butt? I you don’t mind the corny acting, look past the sometimes overly obvious CGI, ignore some plotholes and can stomach Jovovich playing an older version of herself in extremely awful “old person makeup”, then you’re in for a treat. Because that’s what you get for almost the entire movie. Alice and co fighting off baddies and looking extremely badass (and hot in Milla’s case) whilst doing so. I got the impression I was watching a collection of cutscenes from the games.

Which is not a bad thing, actually. Stay with me here: this is the umpteenth movie, right? So what’s left to keep the basic premise fresh? There’s the undead, there’s undead dogs, the same bossbaddies, same protagonist,… Heck they even return to the same location the first film took place in. So instead of “refreshing” the franchise, they did the one thing fans were sure to love: more of the same.


And from that point on, when I realized “Hey, this is just the same, but more of it!”, I stopped paying attention to the plot. I knew the good guys were going to win. I knew when jump scares were going to happen. I could pinpoint exactly who was going to die.
I started watching merely for the aesthetics and the coolness factor.
And for Milla Jovovich of course. I’ve been a fan ever since she graced my screen in the Fifth Element.


Which brings me to my point: this is not a brilliant piece of cinema. But that doesn’t make it unenjoyable. Fans of the franchise and of cheesy gorefest zombie horror movies should definitely give this a go. Those who were expecting intricate plots, excellent method acting and Academy Award-level film-making: what were you doing watching a zombieflick based on videogame in the first place anyway?