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Will I like it? – The Leftovers

You know those lazy evenings when you just wanna hang in the couch and do nothing but watch the tube? Then you also know the frustration of nothing being on that tube. So you just flip through the channels, until you come across that might be good, but it’s already halfway started. But still, you hang in there. Hoping it will turn out good, and you try to make sense of the plot as you go along.

Know that exact feeling?
Then you’ll feel right at home in nerd Times Geek’s new feature:

Will I like it?

A feature in which I will try shows based solely on the DVD cover, a friend’s recommendation or a blurb written by someone in marketing.

The catch?

I start midway into a season, and from there on decide wether it’s worth it to go back and watch previous episodes.
And without further ado, I present the first show submitted to this atrocious method:

locoverThe leftovers.

I’ve heard of this show before. I know it’s about half the Earth’s population vanishing one day, and the other half having to cope with that.
Interesting premise.
I’ve also heard Damon Lindeloff is involved somehow, you know, that guy that’s not JJ Abrams that was behind that other little show called Lost.

Now I’m all for trying.

The show starts off with a little vignette about a pilgrim family waiting in vain for the rapture. Father and son give up, but the wife keeps on believing, eventually joining mass suicide with the other church members. This segues nicely into a flashback to a previous season. Some cult is waiting for the end, which comes swiftly in the form of a smartbomb, annihilating the compound. Then we jump forward to the present day, where this bearded, ripped sheriff dude on horseback is showing what I assume are pilgrims where they should go. He and his deputies are overseeing a place called Miracle, where all kinds of survivors of different beliefs come together to wait out the end. Which will happen in two weeks time. Where they got that info? I don’t know. Presumably season 1 or 2. I’m rowing with the oars I’ve got. Which are very short and broken. And splintering my hands. Ow. What have I gotten myself into?


Anyway, sheriff Beard (who’s also sporting some impressive eyebrows. Not quite a unibrow yet, but getting there. This dude is serious about facial hair.) does some policing in the town, showing us what a benevolent dude he is. It also introduces us to his wife, adopted son and some of his friends. So far, I’m still with the program. This is going well.

From here on, however, I start getting lost. Apparently, sheriff Beardy McEyebrow has done some pretty shady things in the past two seasons. Some pretty short flashbacks hint at killing people, but kinda leave out the who and the why. Judging by the choreographed spiel his eyebrows are doing during the flashbacks, I’m guessing these killings weren’t all done in self-defense…


Then it goes even further, showing the sherrif casually getting up in the morning and taking a plastic bag and some tape from the closet. He proceeds to tape the bag around his head, and slowly asphyxiates. What the? Is this guy some weirdo that gets off this way? Why is this relevant to the story? Did the main character just die, during the first half of the season premiere?


Before my head explodes with all the questions, the screen cuts back from black, and there’s sheriff Facialmoss, alive and breathing. Walking around as though nothing really happened. And hey, guess what? Turns out his minister friend is writing a new New Testament, with the sheriff in the starring role as the new Messiah, that can’t die. So apparently everyone knows he’s kinda immortal, but all keep quiet about it. Especially he himself, denying it vehemently.


This was quite a trip. I hope all shows I start halfway turn out to be nearly as good. It was like watching a David Lynch film! Except, with this, unlike Lynch’s cryptocinema, I can go back to the first two seasons for some explanations and backstory. Which I will happily do right now!

Leftovers, you’ve won yourselves a fan!