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The Meg

megcovYou know things took a nigh unrecoverable turn for the worst when you have to call Jason Statham to bail you out.
Which is exactly what happens to the crew of a marine biology research facility. Their scout sub has just breached the deepest point of the ocean, when an unseen thing attacks and strands them at an almost unreachable depth. The team is left with no option but call Jason, former deepsea rescue specialist-turned alcoholic after having lost two friends in a similar attack. The Stat reluctantly agrees, pulls off the rescue and discovers the unseen attacker is a Megalodon, a gigantic Jurassic shark thought extinct. The Meg follows to higher waters and suddenly the team is now faced with having to kill the beast before it causes mayhem.


And there you have it. A plot that calls for mr. Statham to go head to head with a giant shark. I cozied up on the sofa, snacks on hand expecting to be entertained massively. Or at least enjoy the movie on the all too familiar “So bad it’s good”-level.
Neither of these happened.


It’s a decent movie, don’t get me wrong. I enjoyed it, but not as much as I had expected. It has some things going for it, Statham being in the lead for one. The story is not really groundbreaking or pushing the boundaries, but decent enough and the effects are actually pretty good. Remember Jaws?  It’s like Jaws but just because of Jaws it fails to awe. Instead I’m left with a lingering “this reminds me of Jaws” thoughts in the back of my mind.
But even when you brush aside that “it’s been done before”-feeling, The Meg still fails to wow. Certain plotholes and some lackluster acting torpedo the movieship even harder.


It’s a damn shame, because I was expecting so much more from The Meg. When speaking about the movie to a friend who’d already seen it, he summed up this entire review in just one sentence. “Oh ‘The Meg’? More like ‘The Meh’”.

Turns out he was right.